DNA Paternity Test for peace of mind

It is hard to believe that many parents among us wonder if their child is actually theirs? There are over 4000 queries on DNA testing on google in India every month.

DNA Paternity test is a form of relationship testing where a DNA analysis is conducted to check relationship between a father and his children. There are various reason why people go for paternity testing (or any other relationship testing). Some of the reasons are listed below

Paternity Test LabsAdvisor

  • To ensure that father’s sperm or mother’s egg was used by the IVF clinic
  • To rule out possibility of swap of baby in the hospital
  • Lack of husband’s trust on the wife
  • A lady trying to understand who is the real father
  • Inheritance purposes e.g. siblings trying to find real father for inheritance
  • Required by immigration authorities in some cases

There are various labs and test options available in the market. Some are genuine while others may not be. Also, in some cases DNA testing has a social stigma attached to it and hence has to be managed very carefully. At LabsAdvisor.com, we can play the role of an honest intermediary. We provide the following services:

  • Help you select right lab and right test as multiple options available
  • Guide you on the process technicalities
  • Be your trusted advisor – we keep everything confidential

Please feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service advisor on 08882668822 or write to us on info@labsadvisor.com

For more information, please visit http://labsadvisor.com/DNATesting.jsp

For a comprehensive understanding of DNA Testing (including Paternity Testing) in India, check the complete guide here. 

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