Alarming rates of diabetes prevalence in India

Diabetes prevelance_LabsAdvisor camp

Diabetes is the key lifestyle disease in India with over 50 million people estimated to be suffering from it. India is now referred to as the diabetic capital of the world. LabsAdvisor conducted a diabetes awareness camp where around 400 people were screened for diabetes. Many of those tested were under the age of 45.

Out of the 400 tests conducted by LabsAdvisor, over 12% were confirmed diabetic. Another 10% of the participants were pre-diabetic. While most of the diabetic people knew about their condition, the pre-diabetic were not aware that they could develop diabetics very soon. This set of pre-diabetic people can now intervene to ensure that the onset of diabetes is delayed significantly. LabsAdvisor is working with the diabetic and pre-diabetic patients to counsel them on diabetes management.

If you want to get tested for pre-diabetes, you may want to get HBA1c test done. This tests measures the average blood sugar level over a period of last 2 to 3 months.

To know more about this test, look at HbA1c description by

To know the cost of the test or to book, check HbA1c cost in Delhi

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