Huge Discount on Dexa Scan Cost / Bone Density Test Cost in Delhi

Book Dexa Scan or Bone Density Test at a hugely discounted cost in Delhi /NCR

Dexa Scan is a radiology test that measures the bone density or bone strength of a person. This test is also called Bone Density Test or Bone Mineral Density Test. Sometimes, referring doctors use the short form i.e. BMD test or DXA Scan.

Dexa Scan is generally recommended for one site in the body, two sites or three sites. Many times the doctors specifically ask for a whole body dexa scan or a whole spine dexa scan.

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Discounted Dexa Scan Cost or Bone Density Test Cost in Delhi

Test Details LabsAdvisor Rate
Cost of Dexa Scan One Site ₹ 1,200
Cost of Dexa Scan Two Site ₹ 1,750
Cost of Dexa Scan Three Site ₹ 2,300
Cost of Dexa Scan – Spine ₹ 2,300
Cost of Whole Body Dexa Scan ₹ 3,000
Dexa Scan at Discounted Cost by LabsAdvisor
Dexa Scan in Progress

Why is Dexa Scan prescribed?

As a person ages, the strength of the bones or the density of bones goes down. If your doctor suspects that your bone mass is reducing or you show symptoms of bone loss, this test may be prescribed. This is also prescribed as a precautionary check if you are on certain medications that are known to impact bone mass. For example, former cancer patients who are on lifelong medication may be prescribed this test annually.

In your dexa scan report, your bone density will be compared with the standard density expected of someone of your age and gender. Depending on the report, you may be classified as having osteopenia or osteoporosis.

What are the reasons for bone weakness?

While age is a factor in reduction of bone density, many times lack of calcium, phosphorus or vitamin D in the diet (see symptoms of vitamin D deficiency here) also causes bone weakness. Lack of exercise is also a contributor to loss of bone mass.

To know more about symptoms of bone loss, check here

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To know about bone density test / Dexa Scan in Hindi language, check out LabsAdvisor’s Hindi Blog

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