Updated Cost of CT Scan in Panchkula

Know CT Scan Cost in Panchkula

CT Scan is an advanced form of X-ray for which you have to go the lab to get the test done. In the below given table you can check the lowest price of CT Scan available in Panchkula, Haryana. You may click on the links and make your CT Scan booking online.

Type of CT Scan Cost of CT Scan
CT Scan Abdomen Angiography ₹ 4,950
CT Scan Abdomen Triple Phase ₹ 4,890
CT Scan Angiography Chest ₹ 4,950
CT Scan Brain ₹ 1,190
CT Scan Brain Contrast ₹ 2,150
CT Scan Chest ₹ 2,450
CT Scan Dental ₹ 1,600
CT Scan Enteroclysis ₹ 6,210
CT Scan Lower Abdomen ₹ 1,950
CT Scan Lower Abdomen Contrast ₹ 2,950
CT Scan Neck ₹ 2,150
CT Scan Neck Contrast ₹ 3,350
CT Scan Orbit ₹ 1,750
CT Scan Orbit Contrast ₹ 2,880
CT Scan PNS Axial ₹ 1,500
CT Scan PNS Coronal ₹ 1,500
CT Scan PNS Coronal Contrast ₹ 2,500
CT Scan PNS Sagittal ₹ 1,500
CT Scan Single Limb ₹ 2,400
CT Scan Single Limb Contrast ₹ 3,600
CT Scan Temporal Bone ₹ 1,500
CT Scan Whole Abdomen ₹ 3,105
CT Scan Whole Abdomen Contrast ₹ 4,660
CT Scan Guided Biopsy ₹ 1,970
CT Scan Guided FNAC ₹ 2,000
CT Scan Spine Cervical ₹ 2,000
CT Scan Spine Dorsal ₹ 2,000
CT Scan Spine Lumbar ₹ 2,000

What is CT Scan and its procedure?

There are various kinds of CT Scans and key ones are listed below:

  • Normal vs. Contrast: In a CT Scan with contrast or CECT (Contrast Enhanced CT), a dye is injected in the body. This contrast material or dye interacts with the CT Scan machine to give detailed images of the part under investigation. For a normal CT Scan, dye injection is not required. Your doctor will generally specify if contrast is needed or not.
  • HRCT or High Resolution CT Scan:  This is a special kind of CT Scan which can be done for CT scan chest or CT scan of temporal bone.

We have covered procedure of CT Scan in detail in this article here. It covers the procedure, risks, preparation and many more details that may be relevant for you.

To know details of CT Angiography including comparison with traditional angiography, check here. 

To know details about CT Scan of Chest including HRCT and CECT Chest, check here.

CT Angiography in Delhi
CT Scan in Panchkula, Haryana

How can I book my CT Scan in Panchkula, Haryana?

You may call LabsAdvisor.com at 08882668822 now to book your CT Scan in Panchkula. You may also fill out the form below to receive a call back.

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