Updated BMD / Dexa Scan Cost in Mumbai – Quality Labs, Affordable Prices

What is Dexa Scan / BMD Cost in Mumbai?

Dexa scan cost in Mumbai varies from ₹750 to ₹2800 depending on the whether you want the scan for one site, two sites or the whole body. The prices also differ for each lab and some labs charge a higher prices than others.

In the table given below, we have given the cost of BMD Scan or Dexa Scan available on LabsAdvisor.com. You can click on the links to book your dexa scan at a lab in Mumbai near your home.

Dexa Scan Cost in Mumbai / Bone Density Test Cost in Mumbai

Dexa Scan Type LabsAdvisor Price
Cost of Dexa Scan One Site in Mumbai ₹ 750
Cost of Dexa Scan Two Site in Mumbai ₹ 1,350
Cost of Dexa Scan Three Site in Mumbai ₹ 2,025
Cost of Dexa Scan – Spine in Mumbai ₹ 1,875
Cost of Whole Body Dexa Scan in Mumbai ₹ 2,250
Dexa Scan in Mumbai
Book BMD Test at Affordable Prices in Mumbai

What is Dexa Scan?

Dexa Scan or Bone Mineral Density Test (BMD Test) measures the strength of bones of your body or a body part. It is in layman language a measure of how strong your bones are for your age. Our bones tend to lose mass or minerals as we age. This is a natural process. Generally, someone who is 60 years old will have bone strength lower than someone who is a 30-year-old. However, there are certain habits or deficiencies that can cause our bones to lose strength faster than they should. For example, smoking can lead to lower bone strength. Lower levels of Vitamin D in the body may lead to lower bone strength.

Your doctor is generally in a position to tell you if you should get a check up of your bone strength through BMD test. To know more about BMD Test, you may read here.

How can I book my Dexa Scan in Mumbai?

LabsAdvisor.com is a leader in medical testing in India. Through us you can book your bone density test or dexa scan at an affordable price at a lab near you. Call us on 08882668822 or download our Android App from Play store to book the test. You can fill the form given below to get a call back from our team.


To know cost of dexa scan in Delhi, click here.

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