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Complete Guide on CT Scan PNS in India – Know Cost and Book CT PNS in India

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CT Scan PNS is the scan of para nasal sinuses. It is also called the sinus ct scan. Know the cost of different ct scan pns including sagittal, coronal, axial and cect pns in different Indian cities. Book through LabsAdvisor and get discounted rates.

Detailed Guide to IVP X-Ray in India – Cost of IVP, Procedure, Risks, Results

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In this detailed guide on IVP X Ray test in India, know about the procedure, preparation, risks, benefits and the cost of IVP test in different Indian cities.

Updated Ultrasound Scan Cost in Hyderabad – Know Cost and Book at Economical Prices

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Complete Guide to MCU Test in India – Cost, Procedure, Side Effects

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MCU test is a type of x ray performed to check the problems with urinary functions. This test is mostly used for children as they are more susceptible to kidney problems. In this guide, you can check the procedure, benefits, risks, preparation and cost of MCU test in India.