Upto 50% Discount on MRI Scan Cost in Mumbai – Book Lowest Cost MRI Scan in Mumbai

Lowest Cost of MRI Scan in Mumbai

LabsAdvisor.com has been working to make diagnostic testing more transparent in Mumbai. We cover a very large portfolio of tests in including different MRI Scan studies. We not only provide you complete transparency on the MRI Scan Cost but also provide you multiple lab options, near you, in Mumbai.

Most labs in Mumbai will charge you from ₹5,500 to ₹6,500 for a non contrast MRI scan. We can get the same test done from  ₹2600 onwards i.e. almost 60% discount.

Given below is the lowest cost of MRI Scans available on our platform. You can click on the link to book the test online or call us on 08882668822 for more details and booking.

What is MRI Scan Cost in Mumbai?

The cost of MRI Scan in Mumbai varies from ₹2,500 to ₹12,000. Depending on the exact study, the kind of machine you need and the lab you choose, the cost may vary. We can assure you that for the lab your choose, we provide the lowest cost.

Table below gives the cost of MRI Scans in Mumbai

MRI Scan Type Min Cost of MRI Scan with LabsAdvisor
1.5 Tesla MRI Scan Cost in Mumbai ₹ 2,590
1.5 Tesla MRI Scan Contrast Cost in Mumbai ₹ 9,800
3 Tesla MRI Scan Cost in Mumbai ₹ 6,800
3 Tesla MRI Scan Contrast Cost in Mumbai ₹ 9,800
1.5 Tesla MRI Screening ₹ 1,500

The above rates are applicable for MRI of any body part including MRI Brain or Head, MRI Spine Lumbar / MRI Ls Spine, MRI Spine Cervical, MRI Spine Dorsal, MRI Abdomen, MRI Pelvis, MRI Knee, MRI Leg any many more MRIs.

There are broadly two kinds of MRI Scan machines depending on the magnetic power they have – 1.5 Tesla MRI and 3 Tesla MRI. Generally, 3 Tesla MRI gives better images as compared to 1.5 Tesla MRI and hence is more expensive.

Get MRI Scan in Mumbai at 08882668822
Any MRI Scan in Mumbai Starting at Rs 2590 only

We can also help you with other MRI studies like MRI Brain with Epilepsy protocol, MRI Brain Angiography. Just give us a call on 08882668822.

You can fill the details below if you will like a call back from us.

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