50% Discount on Blood Tests, MRI, PET Scan, CT-Scan

Discounted Medical Tests in Delhi – MRI, CT Scan, PET Scan, Blood Tests, Dexa Scan

LabsAdvisor.com, the platform for medical tests in India, is working hard to bring you quality medical tests, including blood tests, at a fraction of cost. Many labs are offering arbitrary rates for medical testing due to doctor commissions, brand premiums or inefficient cost of operations.

LabsAdvisor is working with very high quality labs to help them get more business. Because we can give good volumes to these labs, we get exceptionally good rates on all diagnostic tests. Our customers get good quality at economical rates which is possible as we help labs reduce their marketing costs and optimise their operations.

We have done a comparison of medical test prices available in the market and what we can offer you. The comparison will leave you very surprised.

Diagnostic Tests Rate Comparison in Delhi


Where to book medical tests in Delhi and other Indian cities

If you want to book any medical test / blood test, check with LabsAdvisor on 09811166231 or on our website labsadvisor.com. In all likelihood, we will get you good rates at labs of your choice. You will feel the difference in the customer service by speaking with our exceptionally talented and trained customer care executives.

We have the largest repertoire of medical tests in the country including MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound, X-Ray, Dexa Scan and a large number of blood based tests including liver function test, thyroid function test, kidney function test, ferritin and many more.

Check out the sample list of discounted prices below for some tests:

  1. MRI Scan Price in Delhi for different MRI Scans
  2. CT Scan Cost in Delhi for different CT Scans
  3. Ultrasound Cost in Delhi for different ultrasound studies
  4. TSH Test Across India
  5. Liver Function Test in India
  6. X-Ray Cost in Delhi for different kinds of x rays
  7. DNA Paternity Test Details and Costs
  8. Vitamin B12 Cost in India
  9. Over 70% discount on PET Scan @9999 only
  10. Discounted cost of Mammography in Delhi
  11. Ferritin Testing for Iron Deficiency
  12. Bone Density Test at Discounted Rate in Delhi

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