Are you satisfied with the quality, pricing and service given by your medical lab?

Medical or diagnostic testing can be a big chunk of the health care expenses of a typical Indian family. People who require regular testing are very vulnerable to paying too much for their tests and hence putting a huge financial hardship on their family.

Pricing is not the only problem. If you ask around, you may find a cheaper lab. But will the testing be reliable? There are many instances where unscrupulous labs give the results back without testing. Recently, a lab near AIIMS was giving out arbitrary results to its patients and had been using a forged signature of a pathologist. And this sham was running for over 10 years. Think about the harm this one lab would have done to its patients over such a long period.

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People who have money can always go to a big brand as they may get good quality at a higher prices. But are they not vulnerable? I know of a PR professional who is quite well off. However, she was so frustrated and demoralised with her experience of going to the labs after a simple case of back pain. Without any reason, the doctors subjected her to unnecessary tests with multiple blood drawing and radiation tests. All she needed was a break and some yoga to do the trick. The doctors were perhaps worried about their commission on testing and hence referred unnecessary testing.

At labsadvisor.com, we are trying to bring transparency to diagnostic sector.You don’t have to book the tests from us but you should definitely look at the lab options in your area. You may be surprised how much more you are paying for your tests at the same lab if you go with doctor referral.

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