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BERA Test Price in Delhi
₹ 1,600
BERA Test Price in Gurgaon
₹ 1,600
BERA Test Price in Bangalore
₹ 1,800
BERA Test Price in Chennai₹ 396
BERA Test Price in Other Indian Cities₹ 396

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BERA Test Price.

Frequently Asked Questions About BERA Test

What is BERA Test?

Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry Test is the full form of BERA Test. The test measures the hearing ability of both the adult and infants.

The BERA Test helps to examine the electrical activities and responses of the sound by the brain. It is normally done on children to check hearing loss as it essential for the development of normal speech and language.

What are the uses of BERA Test?

It is an effective screening tool to evaluate the deafness in the newborn baby. The BERA Test monitors the central and peripheral nervous system.

It helps to identify the causes of hearing impairment. The suspected demyelinated disorders can be diagnosed by BERA Test.

How does our ear function?

The ear is made up of three different parts. The external, middle and inner ear. The sound passes through the external ear canal. The small bones in the middle ear then vibrates the eardrum.

The sound waves is transmitted to the inner ear. The inner ear has an important structure called cochlea which converts the sound waves into electrical signal. These electrical signals is then transmitted to the brain, where it is interpreted.

The pathology in brain-stem  may lead to hearing loss.

Who should take BERA Test?

The BERA Test examines the electrical signals transmitted to the brain. It is done in the following cases

  • Identifying the site of the hearing problem.
  • Screening test on children who do not respond to conventional audiometry.
  • Asymmetric hearing loss – hearing loss is more in one ear than the other.
  • It is also done as a screening test for infants who are at a high risk of hearing impairment like
    • Family history of congenital hearing loss
    • Deformities of head and face
    • Head injury
    • Concerns about hearing levels in child
Medical conditions diagnosed using BERA Test.
Uses of BERA Test.

Procedure of BERA Test

You will be asked to lie down on a reclining chair and remain still during the test. In case of infants it is usually done when they are sleeping. The electrodes are then placed on the head and back of the ear to examine the electrical signals sent to the brainstem. A special headphone sends the clicking sounds into the inner ear. The electrodes placed on the scalp records the responses to the clicks.

The impairment in the transmission of signals indicates a hearing problem.

Preparation for BERA Test

There is no preparation for BERA Test. You can have your normal meal and medications before the test. You should wash your hair the night before the test.

What are the side effects of BERA Test?

The side effects are rare in BERA Test. Because of the electrodes, you may feel minor skin irritation. The patients are able to return to home on the same day of the test.

What is detected from BERA Test?

BERA Test examines the time taken for an electrical signal to reach from the inner ear to the brainstem. It gives an insight of how our auditory nerve is functioning. The abnormal test result indicate the hearing loss, multiple sclerosis or cerebrovascular accidents (stroke).

Applications of BERA Test

The BERA Test is done in various screening, monitoring and testing procedures. Few are

  • Selection of hearing aid and fitting in infants
  • Surgical fitting and development of cochlear implants
  • Screening of hearing loss in new born babies
  • Monitoring the central and peripheral nervous system
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