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Blood Culture Test Price in Delhi ₹ 315
Blood Culture Test Price in Noida ₹ 400
Blood Culture Test Price in Gurgaon
₹ 315
Blood Culture Test Price in Bangalore ₹ 400
Blood Culture Test Price in Mumbai ₹ 480
Blood Culture Test Price in Chennai ₹ 480
Blood Culture Test Price in Indore ₹ 480
Blood Culture Test Price in Pune ₹ 480
Blood Culture Test Price in Raipur ₹ 630
Blood Culture Test Price in Other Indian Cities ₹ 315

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Blood Culture Test Charges.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blood Culture Test

What is Blood Culture Test?

Blood Culture test is also known as Blood culture and sensitivity test. It is done to figure out the blood infections in your body. Blood infections are caused by the microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, yeast and parasites which may result in the damage to body’s immune system or internal organs.

Blood infections can affect your entire body system. This test is very helpful to diagnose the blood infections like Septicemia and Bacteremia and detect Endocarditis (condition where bacterium in the blood sticks to the heart valves).

Who should take this test?

Your doctor may order the blood culture test if he suspects you may have a blood infection or if you show some symptoms like

  • Chillness
  • High fever
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Urinating less than normal
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness

Severe blood infections may show symptoms like

  • Inflammation throughout the body
  • Small blood clots in the blood vessels
  • Fall in blood pressure
  • Organ failure

How to get prepared for the test?

As it is a simple blood test, there is no special preparation required for the test. It is advisable to inform your doctor about the medications you take which might affect the blood culture test.

What is the procedure of blood culture and sensitivity test?

Blood culture test requires minimum two blood samples to be tested. The healthcare professional will wrap an elastic band around your arm to make the veins visible and cleans the area to be injected with a disinfectant liquid.

Then, multiple blood samples will be drawn through a needle to increase the chances of detecting the bacteria. When the samples are taken, the healthcare professional will put a bandage on the puncture site.

It usually takes only 5 to 10 minutes to take the blood test.

The blood samples taken are sent to the lab for analysis. In the lab, the blood samples are placed in a bottle containing broth, a liquid substance which helps to promote the growth of microorganisms. This is called blood culture. 

Procedure of Blood Culture Test.
Blood Culture Test Procedure.

Is there any side effects on doing blood culture test?

Blood culture test rarely cause any side effects. Sometimes you may feel fainting or get infection in the injected area.

What does the result interpret?

The result may be either positive or negative. If the blood culture is positive, then you have an infection in the blood. Negative result implies that there is no infection in the blood. Your doctor may suggest to do other tests to find the reasons behind the symptoms.

If you have a blood infection, your doctor may recommend some follow up tests depending on the microorganism found in your blood. Sometimes, in addition to blood culture test, CBC test and Urine culture test will be ordered.

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