Best Options for MRI Scan, X Ray, Blood Tests, Ultrasound, CT Scan in India

Quality Diagnostic Tests in India – Blood Tests, MRI Scan, CT Scan, X Ray, Ultrasound is India’s largest platform of certified labs. We have over 500 labs spread across different cities of India. We work with only certified labs to bring to you quality medical testing at affordable cost. Our network of labs offers many blood tests like cbc test, thyroid test, liver function blood test, kidney function blood test, Hb1Ac, blood sugar test and many other tests.

We also have a very well spread out network of radiology labs that offer MRI Scans (any body part including brain, spine, knee, wrist, abdomen, kidney, ureter and pelvis), CT Scans, X Rays, Ultrasound, Dexa Scan, Whole Body PET CT Scan and many more radiology tests.

Every time you book with, you have a guarantee of money back if your testing is not up to the standard. We collect feedback on our partner labs continuously which ensures that they try to offer the best service.

Check out the short video given below that explains our offerings.

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Blood Test at Home

Many times you do not want to go to the lab for testing. For most blood based tests, we can provide home collection at over 100 cities across the country. You book a blood test with us, the technician will come to your home at the pre agreed time to collect the blood sample. You will be told when you can expect the report. The report will be delivered to you through email, LabsAdvisor Android App and if required through courier as well.

Check out our home collection video below.

[wpvideo isNPdI3d]

Call us now on 09811166231 or fill our the form given below for any test in any city of India.

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