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Breast MRI Cost

The breast MRI cost ranges between ₹2,500 and ₹7,500 depending on the lab and your location.

However, you can avail an exclusive discount of up to 50% on breast MRI cost in over 30 labs.

Note that the lowest breast MRI cost mentioned below may vary from the actual. Click on the link to know the updated price and the lab details.

Breast MRIPrices Starting From
Breast MRI Price in Delhi₹3,000
Breast MRI Price in Noida₹5,600
Breast MRI Price in Gurgaon₹3,000
Breast MRI Price in Bangalore₹6,375
Breast MRI Price in Mumbai₹2,500
Breast MRI Price in Chennai₹8,000
Breast MRI Price in Hyderabad₹8,000
Breast MRI Price in other Indian cities₹2,500

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What is MRI of Breast?

Types of breast MRI scan.
Types of Breast MRI Scan.

An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a medical test in which radio waves and strong magnetic fields are used to take detailed images of a particular organ of the body.

MRI is different from X-rays, as it does not use ionizing radiation. The images are then examined by the physician to diagnose the presence of certain disease. MRI is a non-invasive procedure and is completely safe.

MRI of the breast is done to evaluate and gain more information on certain breast condition, which remains unclear from other imaging procedures like mammography and ultrasound.

To know more about mammography in India, you may check here.

Why is a Breast MRI done?

Uses of Breast MRI Scan.
Uses of Breast MRI Scan.

Breast MRI is done in addition to mammography or ultrasound in the following cases

  • When a woman has a strong family history of breast or ovarian cancer i.e. a close relative of her was diagnosed with cancer before turning 50. MRI is prescribed to catch the disease early.
  • To determine the extent of already diagnosed breast cancer.  MRI is carried out to assess the size of the tumor and check if it has reached the underlying muscles. Lymph nodes are also checked for the same.
  • To assess the abnormalities not clear in a mammogram. Sometimes a number of mammographies are inadequate to evaluate the abnormalities. So MRI is chosen to determine if the tumor is benign or a biopsy is needed.
  • MRI is the best method to determine if the silicone implants in the breast have ruptured.
  • Sometimes chemotherapy is done in cancer patients before surgery in order to shrink the tumor. Such therapy is called as an adjuvant therapy. To monitor the response of the tumor to such chemotherapy, Breast MRI may be prescribed.
  • To check for any recurrence after breast-conserving therapy.

How to prepare for the procedure?

  • Go for an MRI only if prescribed by a doctor.
  • The doctor should know all the medical history of the patient. If the patient had a renal failure before the doctor will advise a kidney function test before the procedure.
  • The doctor should be informed if the patient has severe claustrophobia. She might be given mild sedatives before the MRI.
  • Inform the doctor if the patient is or likely to be pregnant. High magnetic rays may not be good for the fetus less than three months. The doctor will evaluate the necessity of the MRI and then prescribe it.
  • There are some implants, which are not compatible with the MRI. The doctor should be notified in advance.
  • Some people may be allergic to the contrast give before MRI. If the patient has any such allergies the doctor will recommend other contrast or will give antihistamine dose.
  • Because the procedure uses strong magnets all the jewelry, clips and zippers should be removed. Inform the doctor if there are any metallic body implants like a pacemaker, knee cap etc.

How is it done?

Breast MRI may be done with or without the use of contrast agent. Your doctor will be in a better position to suggest whether contrast agent is required or not.

We are giving below the procedure which is generally followed for Breast MRI with contrast. For the normal MRI, the contrast procedure will not apply, rest will remain the same.

Before the test, the patient is given a contrast (dye) injection on his arm. The dye helps any potential cancerous tissue show up more clearly.

The contrast becomes more concentrated in the areas of cancer growth and hence appears white on an otherwise black background. This image will help the radiologist identify the areas of abnormal tissues which might be cancerous. To confirm it the doctor may advise a biopsy.

After taking the contrast the patient is advised to change into the hospital gown. In some labs, change of clothes is not required. They will request the patient to come in comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.

Then she is taken to the MRI room where she will be asked to lie on her stomach on a platform. The breasts will be positioned onto cushioned openings called as coils to restrict any movement.

The platform then slides into a tube-like machine. The patient needs to lie very still. The test will take around 35 -40 minutes. There may be some thumping sound made by the machine but the test is not painful.

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