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Colon (Large intestine) is an organ that shoots out the waste product of our body. This 1200–1500 mm long organ plays the major role in our digestive system. If we do not care and detox it regularly, then it may grow tissues of cancer, polyps or ulcers. Colonoscopy is a procedure that helps to look inside the health of your colon. The Colonoscopy cost in India varies according to the city you want to get tested or the labs you choose from our panel.

This guide for Colonoscopy in India will cover all the important and relevant topics. If you wish to book a Colonoscopy Test anywhere in India then you may book through the Online Booking Portal or Call us at 09811166231.

LabsAdvisor will help you get a decent discount on the test in various Indian cities by negotiating the market price with more than 1000 labs. Below specified lists mentions the cost in major Indian cities. Click the link and compare the prices.

Colonoscopy Cost in India Min. Colonoscopy Cost by LabsAdvisor
 Cost of Colonoscopy in Delhi  ₹ 9025
Cost of Colonoscopy in Noida  ₹ 9025
Cost of Colonoscopy in Gurgaon  ₹ 9025
Cost of Colonoscopy in Bangalore ₹ 3780
Cost of Colonoscopy in Chennai ₹ 3500

Below we have answered some frequently asked questions. Read to know more.

  • What is a Colonoscopy?
  • Who is recommended for a Colonoscopy?
  • How a Colonoscopy is done?
  • Are there any risk factors during the Colonoscopy process?
  • What is CT Scan Colonoscopy?
  • How much do a Colonoscopy costs in Indian Cities?

What is a Colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a procedure done to assess the health of our large intestines or rectum with the help of a colonoscope (medical instrument inserted into the openings of the lower body part). The colon is the biggest part of our large intestine or large bowel. The functioning of the colon in our body includes drying, processing and eliminating the left waste from our body. The small intestine absorbs the nutrients in the food and transfers it to the large intestine that is 5 feet long and about 3 inches in diameter.

Your doctor may advise you for a colonoscopy to investigate various diseases related to the colon. This test is basically done to detect an early colorectal cancer. It can also show several other colon conditions such as swollen or irritated tissue, ulcers, polyps or chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS).

Who is recommended for a Colonoscopy?

Your doctor may recommend a colonoscopy for a variety of reasons. Such as:

  • unexplained bleeding from the anus,
  • a sudden change in the bowel activity or habit, such as diarrhea
  • abdominal pain,
  • sudden weight loss,

Often some disease doesn’t show prominent or early symptoms such as cancer, polyps or ulcers. So doctors recommend Colonoscopy as a screening test. A screening test is done when your body does not show any symptom but your doctor advises to get it done as a preventive check. This helps in detecting the conditions early.

Patients with a previous history of cancer or polyps are at a higher risk of going through it again. So, they are advised to have a periodic colonoscopy test as a preventive health check. Doctors recommend that people over age 50 should get their colonoscopy done periodically, as they are more prone to it.

How a Colonoscopy is done?

The procedure is specifically performed in a hospital or a multi-functional lab. The process may take 30-60 minutes.

Before your colonoscopy test, a gastroenterologist will take a physical examination of your abdominal area. Then they will inject a small dosage of sedative into your body that will help you to ease the pain during the process. You will be asked to lie in a comfortable position or on your left side on an examining table.

During the test, your doctor will insert a colonoscope through your rectum and move it to the advance ends of your intestines. A colonoscope is a long and flexible medical device that allows for a visual inspection of the colon and rectum. It has an attached camera and lighted rays on the mouth of it that helps to capture images. The device is inserted into the patient’s anus to look for cancerous lesions and polyps — growths on the inside surface of the colon that sometimes turn into cancer. The device blows air into the intestine to expand the colon lining and help the doctor to see more clearly.

The procedure may give mild cramps in the stomach. But it can be lessened by taking deep breaths during the procedure. Your doctor will carefully withdraw the device out of your rectum as soon as the examination overs.

If your technician finds any abnormal growth or infection in the colon, then they remove it immediately or take a sample tissue to analyze the problem.

Do I need any preparation for a Colonoscopy Test?

Yes, you may need to take some medically necessary initiatives prior your Colonoscopy. They may include:

  1. Follow a strict and healthy diet before your test
    • Eat only low-fiber food, few days prior your exam. Do not take nuts, whole grains or seeds.
    • Don’t consume any solids a day before your test and increase the intake of clear liquids in your diet. You can drink coffee or black tea, clear soft drinks such as grape or apple juice.
    • On the day of the test, you will be suggested for clear liquids only. Do not eat or drink anything two hours prior your examination.
  2. Empty your stomach before your test. Any residue can lead to inaccurate reports.
  3. Ask your doctor about the temporarily changed pattern for your regular medication. Your doctor may ask you stop your medicines temporarily before your examination.
  4. Inform your doctor if you are a diabetic, blood pressure or heart patient.
  5. Notify your doctor if you are consuming drugs regularly.
  6. Your doctor may ask you to take laxatives if you are prone to constipation. Some exercise and intake of fluids can also help you with the test.
  7. Wear loose-fitted clothing, without any embellishments.
  8. You will be given sedatives (local anesthesia) before your test. And it may take some time for you to recover from the sedative.
  9. Bring a closed one along with you for the test, who may drive you home safely after the test.

We have given a brief count of required preparations for your test, but the concerned doctor is in the right position to instruct you. As different medical centers recommend different ways to prepare the bowel for a colonoscopy.

Are there any risk factors during the Colonoscopy process?

Colonoscopy screening procedure rarely shows any adverse risks. It is roughly estimated that 1 to 2 serious complications are seen in 1000 procedures. If you face any of the symptoms specified below then immediately seek a medical care:

  • severe pain in your abdomen
  • frequent fever
  • uncertain bowel movements
  • unexplained bleeding from the anus
  • dizziness or weakness
  • any noticeable reaction from the sedatives
  • breathing or heart problems
  • stomach cramps

Bleeding often occurs if the patient has a polyp removed during the process. Perforation of the colon is the most complicated condition a patient faces if the technician is not experienced enough.

Colonoscopy Test in India
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What is a CT Scan Colonoscopy?

A CT Scan Colonoscopy is a technique that uses CT scan machine to create more clear visuals of the colon. It produces constructed 3D images that are actually virtual. It is also known as Computed Tomography Colonography (CTC) or Virtual Colonoscopy.

Doctors often suggest normal Colonoscopy over CT Scan Colonoscopy because the test has its own limitations. Such as:

  • Virtual Colonoscopy cannot look for polyps that are smaller than 5mm. Whereas normal colonoscopy can detect the hidden polyps.
  • CT Scan Colonoscopy does not remove the polyps or cannot collect sample tissues. (Until a biopsy procedure is practiced)
  • CT Scan Colonoscopy involves the use of radiations.
  • It is more expensive than a normal Colonoscopy.

Due to these limitations, Colonoscopy has not been replaced by Virtual Colonoscopy. Now it is recommended to the people who cannot undergo a normal procedure of Colonoscopy.

If you wish to know CT Scan Colonoscopy cost in Indian cities, then click on the link → CT Scan Colonoscopy

How much do a Colonoscopy costs in Indian Cities?

Colonoscopy Cost in Delhi NCR

The cost of Colonoscopy in Delhi NCR varies in different regions. Normally the colonoscopy cost range starts from ₹ 9400 to ₹ 9500. However, you will be able to get a decent discount in our different partner labs and get atleast 3% off. If you wish to book your Colonoscopy Test anywhere in Delhi NCR then you may call at 09811166231.

Colonoscopy Cost in Bangalore

The lowest cost for Colonoscopy in Bangalore is ₹ 3780 through LabsAdvisor. The price offered by us is 15% lesser than the market price. The certified labs that are associated with us do not provide these offers generally. But we convinced them to negotiate the price and make it affordable for our valuable customers.

Colonoscopy Cost in Chennai

The cost of colonoscopy in Chennai is ₹ 3500, that is the lowest cost available in the entire region. You can avail this 50% discount through LabsAdvisor at various centers of Aarthi Scans in Chennai.

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