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Dexa Scan / Bone Density Test Cost in Bangalore

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Dexa Scan One Site Cost in Bangalore ₹ 935
Dexa Scan Two Site Cost in Bangalore ₹ 2,040
Dexa Scan Three Site Cost in Bangalore ₹ 2,800
Dexa Scan – Spine Cost in Bangalore ₹ 1,700
Whole Body Dexa Scan Cost in Bangalore ₹ 2,720

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Dexa Scan Cost in Bangalore in the Best Labs.
Bone Density Test or Dexa Scan Cost in Bangalore.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dexa Scan

What is Dexa Scan or BMD Test?

Dexa Scan or Bone Mineral Density Test (BMD Test) is used to check the strength of the bones. Your doctor will prescribe this test when she has a reason to believe that your bone density may be lower than what is expected of someone with your age and gender.
There could be multiple reasons that cause the bone density to reduce. Some reasons are lack of vitamin D in the body, after effects of cancer treatment, the side-effect of certain medication etc.
View Dexa Scan Cost in Bangalore in all the best labs and book online only on LabsAdvisor.com.
Dexa Scan Cost in Bangalore.
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