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CT Angiography Cost in Mumbai

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CT Coronary Angiography Price in Mumbai.

Frequently Asked Questions About CT Angiography Scan

What is CT Coronary Angiography?

CT Coronary Angiography is also known as CT Coronary Angiogram / CT Angiogram Heart / Coronary CT Angiogram (CCTA). CT Coronary Angiography is an imaging test, which uses advanced CT Coronary Angiography will give you a detailed information of your heart and blood vessels including the level of blockage, if any. It diagnoses the chest pain causes and other symptoms.

Who should get a Coronary CT Angiogram?

Indians are highly prone to blockage of coronary arteries. Your doctor may recommend a CT Coronary Angiography if she feels that you are at a risk of developing a heart disease. You may also initiate this test yourself, if you feel that you have a risk or your family has a tendency to develop heart diseases.

People over 35 with the following risk factors may consider this test:

  • High blood pressure
  • Family history of heart disease
  • Long History of Smoking
  • Obesity or sedentary lifestyle
  • General feeling of chest pain or breathlessness
  • High Cholesterol or Diabetes
Know more about the purpose of taking a CT Coronary Angiogram. It helps to find out the causes of chest pain and diagnoses the problems with the coronary arteries in the heart.
Reasons for taking a Coronary CT Angiogram

How should I prepare for the CT Coronary Angiography test?

For a CT angiogram heart, there is no special preparation required. You can wear any dress as you have to change into the hospital gown given in the lab. Remove all the jewelry and glasses before the test. You should fast for minimum four hours prior to the test and drink only water.

Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks as they may increase your heart rate. Inform your doctor if you are allergic to the dye so that alternatives may be arranged.

What is the procedure of CT Coronary Angiography?

Before the test:

The technician will inject an iodine-containing contrast dye through the IV into your arm to get clear and quality images. Sometimes he will also inject an medication that stabilizes or slows down the heart rate so as to improve the imaging results. He will place electrodes on your chest to record your heart rate.

During the test:

You will be asked to lie on a table which will slide into the CT scanner machine. It is very important to stay still and hold breath during the scan. The X-rays are passed through the body and picked up by the special detectors in the scanner. The scanners produce high quality images of the heart and the images produced helps the radiologist to prepare the report.

It usually takes around 1 hour to complete the CT Coronary Angiogram.

After the test:

The radiologist analyses all the images produced and prepares a report and send it to your doctor.

The reports will be available within a day and your doctor will interpret it and discuss the results with you. He may recommend some additional tests or prescribe you some medications.

Is there any risk in CT Coronary Angiogram?

There are no major risk in doing CT coronary angiogram. Some people may be allergic to the dye injected and some may get headache due to the medication given before the test. There is very less exposure to radiation in doing a coronary ct angiogram.

What are the benefits of CT Coronary Angiography against the traditional heart angiography?

CT Coronary Angiography is a boon for heart patients. This special CT Scan is an alternative to the invasive coronary angiography. The benefits of CT Coronary Angiography are:

  • Non Invasive: The CT Coronary Angiography is minimally invasive. A small needle will be used to insert contrast material in your body. This contrast material helps in creating better images of your heart. Other than this, there is no invasive procedure involved.
  • Fast: Once the contrast agent is absorbed in your body, you are under the CT Scan machine only for a few seconds. The machine is so advanced that within seconds it creates all the images that are needed.
  • High Quality Assessment: A senior radiologist will look at the images produced by CT Coronary Angiography and will give her opinion on the blockage and other details of the heart and blood vessels. CT Coronary Angiography can be done only on a 126 slice or higher CT Scan machine, which are the most advanced CT machines available in the Indian market.
  • No need for hospitalisation: In a traditional angiography, the patient needs to be admitted to the hospital and the probe wire is inserted in the heart and the blood vessels. Due to invasive nature of the procedure, hospitalisation is required. On the other hand for a CT Coronary Angiography, the procedure including contrast in the body, can be done within an hour. There is no need for any hospitalisation.
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