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CT Scan Cost in Ahmedabad

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Coronary Calcium Scan Price₹ 3,302
CT Coronary Angiography Price₹ 9,341
CT Scan Abdomen Angiography Price₹ 10,190
CT Scan Abdomen Dual Phase Price 7,076
CT Scan Chest Angiography Price₹ 10,190 
CT Scan Neck Angiography Price₹ 7,265 
CT Scan Ankle Price₹ 3,302
CT Scan Aortogram Price₹ 10,379
CT Scan Brain Price₹ 1,887
CT Scan Brain Angiography₹ 7,925
CT Scan Brain with Contrast Price₹ 2,925
CT Scan Brain with Orbit Contrast Price₹ 3,774
CT Scan Brain with PNS Price₹ 3,774
CT Scan Brain with PNS Contrast Price₹ 4,812
CT Scan Chest Price₹ 3,397
CT Scan Chest with Contrast Price₹ 4,718
CT Scan Chest with Abdomen Price₹ 8,491
CT Scan Chest with Neck Price₹ 7,925
CT Scan Cisternography Price₹ 4,246
CT Scan CV Junction Price₹ 3,302
CT Scan Face Price₹ 4,199
CT Scan Face with Contrast Price₹ 5,189
CT Scan Face with Neck Price₹ 3,774
CT Scan Face with Neck Contrast Price₹ 5,189
CT Scan Foot Price₹ 3,302
CT Scan Guided Biopsy Price₹ 5,661
CT Scan Guided FNAC Price₹ 6,227
CT Scan Hand Price₹ 2,547
CT Scan Hip Joint Price₹ 3,302
CT Scan Hip Joint with Contrast Price₹ 4,632
CT Scan KUB Price₹ 3,019
CT Scan KUB with Contrast Price₹ 3,774
CT Scan Leg Price₹ 2,642
CT Scan Lower Abdomen Price₹ 5,604
CT Scan Lower Abdomen with Contrast Price₹ 6,982
CT Scan Neck Price 4,010
CT Scan Neck with Contrast Price 3,963
CT Scan Neck with Chest Price 7,925
CT Scan Orbit Price 2,359
CT Scan Orbit with Contrast Price 3,302
CT Scan Pelvis Price 4,246
CT Scan Pelvis with Contrast Price 2,501
CT Scan Pituitary Price 2,359
CT Scan PNS Price 2,822
CT Scan PNS Axial and Coronal with Contrast Price 4,246
CT Scan Pulmonary Angiography Price₹ 10,379
CT Scan Renal Angiography Price 7,076
CT Scan S I Joint Price 3,302
CT Scan S I Joint with Contrast Price 4,623
CT Scan Shoulder Price 3,208
CT Scan Single Joint Price 3,302
CT Scan Cervical Spine Price 4,302
CT Scan Cervical Spine with Contrast Price 4,623
CT Scan Dorsal Spine Price 3,302
CT Scan Dorsal Spine with Contrast Price 4,718
CT Scan Lumbar Spine Price 3,302
CT Scan Lumbar Spine with Contrast Price 7,076
CT Scan Temporal Bone Price 2,595
CT Scan Temporal Bone with Contrast Price 7,454
CT Scan Thigh Price 3,539
CT Scan Thigh with Contrast Price 6,699
CT Scan Upper Abdomen Price 3,302
CT Scan Upper Abdomen with Contrast Price 5,189
CT Scan Urography Price 5,189
CT Scan Whole Abdomen Price 3,963
CT Scan Whole Abdomen with Contrast Price 6,227
CT Scan Wrist Price 2,831
HRCT Scan Chest Price 3,963
HRCT Scan Chest with Contrast Price 5,661
HRCT Scan Temporal Bone Price 2,595

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Book your CT Scan in Ahmedabad through Labsadvisor to get the lowest CT scan cost.

Frequently Asked Questions About CT Scan

What is a CT Scan?

Computed Tomography Scan is the full form of CT Scan. It is also known as Computed Axial Tomography (CAT Scan). CT Scan helps to examine the internal injuries with the help of X-ray beams. CT scan provides a better image of the body parts compared to the normal X-ray scan. The report of a CT scan can be used for different studies and it can be done on any part of the body.

Non Contrast & Contrast Enhanced CT Scan

Your physician will recommend you take a non-contrast CT scan (NCCT) or contrast enhanced CT scan (CECT) on the basis of your diagnosis.

In case of contrast enhanced CT scan, a contrast dye material is injected into the body, to get a better image of the body part examined. The dye material blocks the X-ray beams and appears white in the scan.  The contrast CT scan is normally done to visualize the blood vessels or intestines. In case of  non-contrast CT scan, no special dye is used to examine the body parts and it is a normal CT scan.

Why is a CT scan done?

Your doctor may recommend you to take a CT scan to help him

  • Diagnose bone and muscle disorders
  • Detect and locate the tumor, infections, blood clot, etc.
  • Plan guided biopsy, surgery or radiation therapy
  • Examine the internal injuries
  • Monitor diseases and conditions like cancer, lung and liver diseases
  • Detect the abnormalities in blood vessels
  • Monitor the success of an ongoing treatment

Generally, a CT scan is done during emergencies to detect and diagnose various disorders in our body as it is very quick compared to other imaging techniques.

Know more about the reasons behind a doctor suggesting a CT scan.
Why is a CT Scan done?

What are the various parts of the body covered by the CT scan?

CT scan is a quick and an effective imaging technique done to visualize different internal organs of the body. It can be done on almost every part of the body such as

  • Abdomen
  • Pelvis
  • Spine
  • Chest
  • Shoulder
  • Head/Brain
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Lungs
  • Heart
  • Spine
  • Knee
  • Temporal Bone
  • Sacroiliac joint
  • Any joint

Is there any preparation required before the scan?

There is no special preparation required for the CT scan. Also, there is no restrictions on diet and you can carry on your normal activities. You are not allowed to carry any item with metallic contents inside the CT scan room. The lab technician may ask you to change into the gown given in the lab.

In some cases, a contrast dye may be used to produce more enhanced images of the body part to be examined. This dye may be given orally or injected into the vein. Your doctor will ask you to fast for a certain period and may provide some special instructions if the contrast dye will be used.

What is the procedure of CT scan?

The CT scan machine resembles a long tube with an X ray attached to it.  The lab technician will ask you to lie down on a table that will slide into the CT machine.

The X Ray which is attached to the CT machine rotates around the body part to be examined and clicks several images in thin slices. You may hear loud buzzing noises due to the rotation. It is very important to remain still throughout the procedure as it may result in blur images.

The radiologist will monitor the entire procedure from a different room and will be able to hear and speak to you with the help of microphone and speakers during the scan.

The entire procedure of a CT scan will take up to 20 minutes depending on the study and the body part that is examined.

What are the risks associated with a CT scan?

There are very few risks involved in a CT scan. You will be exposed to a limited amount of radiation as the CT scan uses X ray beams to produce more detailed images. This radiation exposure is generally harmless. But if the CT scan is done on a regular basis, there is a risk of developing cancer overtime.

Generally, it is advised to avoid CT scan if you are pregnant or expected to be pregnant as the radiation may sometimes harm the fetus.

There are chances of developing allergic reactions due to the use of contrast dye. If you have some kidney disorders, the use of contrast dye may result in kidney failure. So it is very important to inform your doctor about the allergies to contrast dye before the scan.

How long does it take to get the CT scan reports?

The images produced will be stored in an electronic form. The radiologist will analyse the images and then prepares the report.

The CT scan results will be available within 1 to 3 days of the scan.

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