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DNA Test Cost in Bangalore for Relationship DNA Tests

In the table given below, you can see the price of different kinds of DNA relationship tests in Bangalore. Generally, the most important DNA relationship test is DNA paternity test, where DNA sample of alleged father is matched with one or more children. Other DNA tests including maternity and any relationship are also given below. Click on the link to book your test online. 

DNA Test Name (Click to book)

DNA Test Cost in Bangalore

Cost of DNA Test for Paternity (Father + Child) ₹ 13,952
Cost of DNA Test for Paternity (Father + 2 Children) ₹ 20,678
Cost of DNA Test for Paternity (Father + Mother + 1 Child) ₹ 20,678
Cost of DNA Test for Maternity (Mother + Child) ₹ 13,952
Cost of DNA Maternity Test (Mother + 2 Children) ₹ 20,678
Cost of DNA Paternity Test During Pregnancy ₹ 1,00800
Common DNA Test 2 Individuals (For Any Relationship) ₹ 20,560

DNA tests are generally done to prove the blood relationship between father-child and mother-child. This test is also preferred to support the proof as a sibling relationship or any other blood relationship including the grandfather and grandchild.

To know in detail how DNA Relationship Tests work, check here. If you are specifically looking for DNA Paternity Test with Unborn Baby, check here

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DNA Paternity Test in Bangalore
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DNA Test Cost in Bangalore for other DNA Tests

In addition to DNA paternity or relationship testing, DNA tests are being increasingly used for other advanced disease screening. For example, NIPT or non-invasive prenatal test is used to check an unborn child for different syndromes including Down’s syndrome. To know more about NIPT or Harmony Test, check here

In the table given below, you may check some of the other DNA tests that we offer. This list is not exhaustive. Please give us a call on 09811166231 if you do not find your DNA test listed below. We are confident, we will be able to find the right lab for your specific DNA test.

DNA Test Name (Click to book)

DNA Test Cost in Bangalore

Price of HBV DNA Quantitative-PCR Test in Bangalore ₹ 3,870 
Price of Harmony Test / Non-Invasive Prenatal Test for Trisomy-21-18-13 Test in Bangalore ₹ 28,100

Why are DNA Tests Becoming Useful?

For relationship DNA Testing samples of more than one individual are required for the diagnosis procedure. During the test, the doctor generally looks for the cells to show similar traits between the 2 individuals. The testing sample can be a cheek swab, serum (blood) or saliva, as they all give chromosomal information about the person. DNA chromosomal information shows similarities if the two samples have a family relationship.

A child gets a few common traits from their respective mother and father. Even a grandfather’s DNA will share common traits with his grandchildren’s DNA. Hence, DNA testing proves to be the standard and authentic method to proof blood relationships.

In the modern era, DNA testing is also used to identify unique characteristics of an individual. DNA tests may help in predicting any possible presence of various disorders in an individual. It gives the warning before developing any threatening disorder in the future. 

How can I book my DNA Tests in India?

You may approach LabsAdvisor.com, the leading medical test company in India, for the various DNA test and other Radiology and Pathology tests. We help you to find the certified and trusted labs for your DNA tests across India. We provide services in over 200 cities.

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