Ultimate Guide to Relationship DNA Testing – Understand Options and Know Cost of DNA Tests

What is Relationship DNA Testing including DNA Paternity Testing?

A DNA Test provides the genetic proof of relationship between different individuals. DNA of an individual identifies her uniquely. The DNA of the relatives match in such a way that through DNA matching or testing, it can be conclusively proved whether one individual is related to the other and in which way.

DNA tests are becoming increasingly important resource to settle family issues, inheritance disputes, immigration issues and identification of bodies during natural disasters.

There are various kinds of DNA tests available in India including the following

Paternity DNA Test

A DNA test to confirm if the alleged father is actually the biological father of a child or children. The procedure of DNA Paternity test is fairly straightforward as it is a blood based test. Other proofs of DNA like cheek swab can also be used. For DNA paternity tests details check this link about details about Paternity DNA Test in India

Maternity DNA Test:

A DNA test to confirm if the alleged mother is the biological mother of a child or children. This test is generally done in the cases where the parents are unsure of IVF procedure used the mother’s egg. It can also be done in cases where baby swap at the hospital is suspected. Maternity DNA test can also be used in lost and found cases where a lot of time has elapsed since the separation of the baby and the mother.

Prenatal Paternity DNA Test:

A DNA test to check if the alleged father is the biological father of the unborn child. This test can be done even before the baby is born. If you are thinking of getting a prenatal / test before baby is born, go for the non-invasive option only. There are some players selling cheaper invasive testing procedures but these can cause the fetus of abort and also not useful because of the time it takes to do the testing.

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Various Reasons Why People Get DNA Paternity Test Done

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Sibling Relationship DNA Test:

This DNA test is conducted to check if two or more individuals share no parent, one parent or both parents. In cases of inheritance issues, these tests can help find if two people are brothers, sisters, half brother, half sisters or any combination.

Identification of Body DNA Test:

During the times of calamity or accidents sometimes the body is not identifiable. DNA match of a relative can be done with the DNA extracted from the body to identify the relationship.

Any other relationship DNA Test:

DNA tests can also be used to confirm any other relationship, for example, whether an individual is a grandchild of another individual or if there is an uncle / niece relationship between two individuals. These DNA tests are useful for immigration and visa purposes. Also, in cases of inheritance dispute, DNA relationship testing can help in settling the matter.

DNA checks can also be used for other purposes e.g. determination of lineage of an individual for immigration or other purposes. In certain cases, DNA tests can also be used to confirm infidelity by a spouse. There have been cases where a sample DNA has been used to check the gender of an individual.

How to choose the right lab for Relationship DNA testing?

DNA tests are very often done during period of extreme emotional turbulence or in cases where legal repercussions can be huge. It is important to choose a DNA testing lab that not only gets the best DNA testing done but also provides you with support and information that is needed during this process. The role of someone who understands the process and acts as an honest intermediary becomes very important.

At LabsAdvisor.com, we aim to guide you through the entire process and be your confidante. We get the right DNA lab to conduct the test and maintain utmost confidentiality.

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Cost of Different Relationship DNA Tests in India

DNA Test Name (Click to book)

DNA Test Cost India

DNA Paternity Test (Father + 1 Child) ₹ 13,952
DNA Paternity Test (Father + 2 Children) ₹ 20,678
DNA Paternity Test (Father + Mother + 1 Child) ₹ 20,678
DNA Maternity Test (Mother + 1 Child) ₹ 13,952
DNA Maternity Test (Mother + 2 Child) ₹ 20,678
Non-invasive Paternity Test During Pregnancy ₹ 100,800
Relationship DNA Test (2 Individuals, Any Relationship) ₹ 20,560

These rates are applicable throughout India. Blood collection or buccal swab kit can be arranged for throughout India.

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