Five signs that your bones need your attention

Five signs of bone loss_LabsAdvisor

After the age of 30 our body starts to lose bone mass. You may have noticed that as people age, they lose height. This is because of bone mass loss. Some bone mass loss is natural and can be dealt with proper lifestyle management. However, urban lifestyles are causing Indians to lose bone mass much earlier.

While the symptoms below are not exhaustive they may be an indication of bone loss in your body which may need your urgent attention.

  • Falling overall fitness level:  With bone mass loss comes the reduction in overall aerobic capacity of the body. You may not feel like walking, running or climbing stairs. Short walking rounds to the local market may leave you tired.


  • Cramps and muscles aches:  Consistent cramps or body aches are a sure shot sign that the body is under some strain – many times it is related to bone mass loss. In India, Vitamin D deficiency has reached an alarming proportion. This deficiency may be the culprit.
  • Brittle and weak fingernails:  Low level of calcium absorption in the body may lead to brittle and weak finger nails. This has a direct correlation to the bone health.
  • Receding grip strength: While gradual reduction in grip strength is natural, if you feel that your grip strength is falling rapidly or is much less compared to others of your age and gender, get proper examination done.


  • Receding gums: Receding gums also signal that your bones may not be healthy.

Doctors generally recommend Vitamin D test, calcium test and in some cases bone mineral density test / Dexa scan to check what is causing your bone mass loss. These tests are available on should you need them.

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