Four organic ways to protect yourself from allergy

Guide to IgE Test in India / IgE Test Cost in Delhi

With the change in the season in March, more Indians will become susceptible to allergy. People who suffer from allergies realise how difficult it is to go on about the daily activities while suffering from it. In its severe form, allergy can lead to difficulty in breathing, asthma, itchy eyes, running nose and much more.

There are a few simple and organic ways in which we can reduce the impact of allergy on our bodies. They are

  • Neti Pot: This little device has been used in India for centuries to improve breathing. Fill up a neti pot with lukewarm water and add some non iodized salt to it. Put this water in one half of the nose and tilt your head a little. A purpose is to put water from neti pot in one side of the nose and get it out from the other. While this will feel weird and difficult initially, very soon you will get used to it and enjoy the process. The technique is very helpful in clearing the mucous and helps alleviate difficulty in breathing.
  • Eat onion and garlic: For some this may not sound appetising but both these foods contain an antioxidant called quercetin. This antioxidant reduces the release of histamine in the body which causes various symptoms associated with allergies. Ideally, one should start consuming the above mentioned foods around 4 weeks before the onset of allergy season.
  • Turmeric with milk: Tumeric has natural anti-inflammatory properties which brings relief to people suffering from weakness due to allergies. Take a glass of milk with turmeric before you go to bed. You will also sleep well.
  • Herbal Teas: Herbal teas like green tea and chamomile have plenty of antioxidants. They are in any case helpful in relieving stress and increasing the immunity of the body. For people suffering from allergies they give additional relief.
Allergy Test Cost in Delhi
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If you want to check whether you are indeed suffering from allergies, you may want to get IgE level tested.

To know more about the test, you may visit the detailed IgE test description page by labsadvisor.com

IgE Test Cost in India

IgE Test Cost in India LabsAdvisor Min. Cost of IgE Test in India
IgE Test Cost in Delhi ₹ 260
IgE Test Cost in Noida ₹ 405
IgE Test Cost in Gurgaon ₹ 390
IgE Test Cost in Mumbai ₹ 460
IgE Test Cost in Chennai ₹ 460
IgE Test Cost in Hyderabad ₹ 460
IgE Test Cost in Bangalore ₹ 460
IgE Test Cost in Other Cities of India

How can I book my IgE Test in India ?

To book a test give us a call or WhatsApp at 09811166231. You can also download our Android App ‘LabsAdvisor’ from Google Play store to book the test onlineIf you want like a call back, Please fill out the form given below.

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