Get Full Body MRI Scan in Delhi Gurgaon – Full Body MRI Scan Cost in Delhi

Full Body MRI Scan Cost in Delhi

Full Body MRI Scan in Delhi / Gurgaon Starting at Just ₹ 10,500

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  • Full Body MRI Scan as a Preventive Check
  • What does a full body MRI Scan cover?
  • What is the cost of full body MRI Scan in Delhi / Gurgaon?
  • How can I book my full body MRI Scan in Delhi?
  • If I am travelling from abroad, can I get my full body MRI Scan in Delhi?

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Full Body MRI Scan at a Preventive Health Check

Full body MRI Scan is being increasing used to diagnose any ailments in our body. This kind of scan is more in nature. Generally, this is not prescribed by the doctor, but the patient may want to get this test done to identify any abnormality in the body which is not being caught by blood tests or other tests.

MRI Scan uses magnetic fields to check different body parts. MRI is non-invasive and there are no known side effects. No prior preparation is required and can generally be done at a day’s notice.

Full Body MRI Scan Cost in Delhi
Book Full Body MRI Scan in Delhi / Gurgaon

What does a whole body MRI Scan cover?

Different labs offer different focus area for full body MRI Scan. There are labs that will move the patient’s body from the head to the toe in the MRI machine while a doctor monitors the body for any abnormality. If the doctor notices any abnormality at any specific body part, she will focus more on that body part and create more detailed images of that specific body part. For this kind of full body MRI Scan, a doctor has to be present while doing the MRI.

There are other labs which do not offer a full body screening but we have identified that head, whole spine and knees are the key parts that at least should be covered in a whole body MRI. If a patient wants to add another body part, that can be done. This is a consultation process where we define a customised full body MRI check with the patient.

There are only a limited number of labs in Delhi NCR that offer this test. We have worked with some labs to ensure that you get full body MRI scan at a reasonable cost. This test is generally customised to ensure that the patient is able to request focus on any specific body part.

Full body MRI Scan Cost in Delhi / Gurgaon

Depending on the parts covered in the full body MRI scan, the cost varies. For example, Mahajan Imaging offers a complete body screening done by a doctor and hence is it more expensive. Other labs which cover head, spine and knees only, charge less amount.

It is advised that you choose your full body MRI scan in consultation with a customer care executive to ensure that you get the right kind of screening that you are looking for.

Do you know that for every completed medical test through, you can get a cash back of 3% to 5%. For a full body MRI Scan this cash-back could be anything from ₹300 to ₹1200. 

Full Body MRI Scan Cost 

The cost of full body MRI Scan varies between ₹ 10,500 to ₹ 40,500. By booking through, you get a customised MRI Screening and a discounted cost.

Click to know Whole Body MRI Scan Cost in Delhi NCR LabsAdvisor Min. Cost of MRI Scan
Full Body MRI Scan Cost in Delhi ₹ 10,500
Full Body MRI Scan Cost in Gurgaon ₹ 10,500
Full Body MRI Scan Cost in Noida ₹ 10,500

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International Travellers MRI Scan

We are very happy to organise MRI Scan of any type including full body MRI Scan for travellers coming to India. We are India’s largest medical test platform and can help organise any kind of health check including MRI Scans in major Indian cities. We provide coverage in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

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