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Gene Predict Panel / Gene Predict Sequencing Panel

Everybody’s personal and family history can hold clues to the types of potential diseases they may have in future. Nowadays, people have become more proactive in managing their health and taking concerns to derive accuracy in genetic testing. Gene Predict Panel or Gene Predict Sequencing has become more popular over the last few decades. These tests allow people to gain information about their genetic ailments and help to check their response to certain effective drugs for a better treatment.

Hereditary Gene Predict Sequencing Panel- Blood Test to know the chances of cancer cell in the body. To book the test call us at 9811166231

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The technological world of genetics has progressed so much that it allows doctors to derive information about a person’s whole genome (the complete set of genes) in a very short duration. The derivation helps them to diagnose potential health conditions and perhaps even prevent them or develop a useful drug for further treatments.

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The blog includes the following content:

  • What is Gene Predict Panel?
  • Why is Gene Testing important? 
  • How Gene Predict Test is performed?
  • What can be the possible interpretation of Gene Predict Panel?
  • What are the benefits of Genetic Testing or Gene Predict Sequencing Panel?
  • Are there any limitations of Genetic Testing or Gene Predict Sequencing?
  • How much does the Gene Predict Panel cost in India?

What is Gene Predict Panel?

Gene Predict Sequencing Panel includes the testing of genes present in our body to look for variations that may signify an inherited risk of developing cancer. This test is generally done for patients with personal or family histories of specific cancers.

Our body is made up of cells that have numerous cell genes. These genes contain DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) that gives information about an individual’s traits. Genes are basically a unit or segment of DNAs. It controls the activities of the cells and determines an individual’s physical characteristics. Genes are passed on to the children from the parents that decide the color of the eyes and skin, height, body build and almost everything of the fetus.

Hereditary Gene Predict Panel- Blood Test to know the chances of cancer cell in the body. To book the test call us at 9811166231
This picture describes the human cell, moving from larger to smaller inner structures (from the nucleus to chromosomes to DNA strands).

The genes we are born with also contribute to our risk of developing specific types of cancer including breast, uterine, breast, ovarian, colorectal, and prostate cancer. We all get two sets of genes from our parents: one set from our mother and one from the father. So, the transfer of genes increases the chances of developing cancer in the child if the gene is present in any one of the parent. If you see any certain type of cancer history in your family then this test is definitely going to help you. It will help you to understand your risk for a disease, and help in taking preventive measures for it.

The Gene Predict Sequencing Test uses the most innovative and advanced genetic technology to predict the risk of cancer in an individual. This panel includes testing of 22 types of potential cancer a patient can have or inherit.

Why is Gene Testing important?

Gene testing is done in professional and certified labs that allow the doctors to read or predict any gene mutation in an individual. A Gene mutation is a change that occurs in the sequence of DNAs. These changes make every individual different from each other. It can be beneficial or may harm an organism. The Gene testing procedure detects these mutations and determines if it is a cause of any health concern. The testing procedure differentiates the genes that typically don’t occur in healthy people.

These mutation differences impact the functioning of the gene, that causes severe health implications. Sometimes harmful genetic mutation can be inherited from both the parents- both sets of their genes carry a disease. However, not all genetic conditions are inherited from a parent. Random genetic mutations occur, too.

For example, BRCA1 and BRCA2 are genes responsible for inherited breast and ovarian cancers. It is one of the most common mutations that occur in Indians. There are more than 100 cancer forms that can occur due to a wrong gene mutation. Gene testing helps to predict these genes and track the response of the drug analyzed on the blood sample taken from the patient. Later the most suitable drug is given to the patient for treatment.

How Gene Predict Test is performed?

First, the patient meets with a professional genetic counselor. The counselor reviews the patient’s history and determines if they have any symptoms or signs of potential cancerous cell in the body. They will identify a condition or related conditions in the patient for which to test. Generally, counselors do not test the entire genome and instead, they pick suitable sets of the genes based on the patient’s medical and family history. Once the counselor receives the reports they interpret it thoroughly and shares with the patient. The lab takes around 4 weeks to produce a final result of the patient’s sample.

The second process involves the collection of patient’s blood sample or at least 2ml of Saliva. LabsAdvisor can help you to arrange a home collection for your blood sample. A technician will come to your place at your preferred time slot to collect the sample. To get the facility of home collection you may call us at 09811166231

Hereditary Gene Predict Panel- Blood Test to know the chances of cancer cell in the body. To book the test call us at 9811166231
Book your Gene Predict Panel with us Online. And get help to know more about potential risks of cancer. Call us at 9811166231 or book online

The third stage involves the testing of the sample in the lab. The lab must have experienced professionals to analyze the genome. The Gene Predict Sequencing Panel follows the most authentic testing procedure called Next-generation Sequencing (NGS). It is the most advanced form of testing a set of genes to detect cancer and allows the lab to sequence the entire cancer cell at speed with increased accuracy and sensitivity. The procedure involves the testing of 98 genes that may give information about the most common cancer that can be inherited. Often single gene tests are done to predict the targeted drug therapies to be performed on the patient who may have the risk of the inherited cancer.

Before your official meeting with the genetic counselor, you will be asked to fill a few numbers of forms that will include a form specifically for family history. The genetic counselor reads and reviews your upcoming sessions or testing.

What can be the possible interpretations of Gene Predict Panel?

The analyzation of the blood or saliva sample by NGS takes with a median turnaround time of 4 weeks. A detailed and integrated clinical report is produced indicating the detected mutations and potential cancer. The results will also help in administering the therapies and other clinical trials.

Below we have shown you an easy and informative report format that you may receive after the test. The selected candidate has a family history of Breast Cancer. But during the clinical examination or gene testing, the patient was found to have an increased risk of Gastric cancer as well due to the intensive mutation of different genes.

***Autosomal dominant (written below) implies one of the several means a disorder can be inherited within families. The autosomal dominant disease shows that you may have inherited the abnormal gene from one of your parents and can be at a very high risk of getting the disease.

Cancer is caused by the process of gene mutations that occur randomly in one or a few cells of the body. Such phenomenon is known as somatic mutations. These mutations may arise as a natural consequence of aging or DNA cells damaging. The maximum chances of the disease occur due to a different type of mutation called a hereditary mutation, or germline mutation. Generally, the candidates selected for the genetic testing already suffer from some sort of medical issues that are not exactly discovered by their concerned health care providers. So, the results may show benign (mild) or malignant (infectious) cancer types.

In Gene Predict Panel the lab will test 99 set of Genes present in your body that are responsible for the certain type of cancers. Such as:

  1. Pancreatic Cancer can be caused due to – ATR, PALLD, MTRR, ATM, CHEK1, LIG3
  2. Cervical Cancer can be caused due to – CD83
  3. Breast Cancer can be caused due to – CASP8, MRPS30, FGFR2, TCF7L2, TM, CDKN1B, BRCA2, BRCA1, CHEK2, AURKA
  4. Leukemia (Blood) Cancer can be caused due to – ACOXL, SP140, IRF4, PRKD2

People who are non-doctors are generally not able to read or study these mutations. So, it is recommended to ask a professional counselor to interpret your results.

People who carry hereditary mutations do not necessarily get cancer, but the risk of developing the disease at some point in the future is generally higher. Below we have described a comprehensive comparison of some of the most common cancer found in general population and the increased chances of the people who carry hereditary cancer genes.

What are the benefits of Genetic Testing or Gene Predict Sequencing Panel?

  • It will connect the patient with a professional and experienced genetic counselor.
  • Provide information about the patients and families about what to expect in the future.
  • Our professionals will help you determine additional screening or surveillance a patient must receive.
  • Identify a condition by name so families can connect with others dealing with the same condition.
  • Risk of tumor development in anyone who carries the specific gene(s)
  • And inform you about how often you should be screened and by what cancer specialties

Are there any limitations for Genetic Testing or Gene Predict Sequencing?

  • A confirmed diagnosis or proved drug therapy may not necessarily treat a patient successfully.
  • The reports may affect the patient psychologically as they would know what to expect from the condition in the future.
  • The patient will have an impact on learning of their future condition and passing it the offsprings.

Our Partner Lab

We have CORE Diagnostics as our partner lab for your Gene Core Predict Panel in Delhi NCR. They are the leading brand in providing genetic counseling and testing. They offer an in-depth consultation to point your family medical history of cancer and calculate your level of risk on the basis of it. If your results show a high risk of cancer then your counselor will recommend for regular screenings and other important details.

Core Diagnostics have American board-certified pathologists in their team who perform all the high-end tests in their labs. They provide the most reliable and definitive diagnosis within shortest turnaround time.

How much does the Gene Predict Panel cost in India??

The detailed cost analysis of the panel compared with gene testing is undertaken to assess affordability for routine patient care. The Gene Predict Sequencing Panel will cost you ₹29999 in India.

You can book your test online at Online Gene Predict Panel Booking Portal or call us at 09811166231 to know more about the test. If you wish to get a callback from our professional customer care team, then click on the button below.

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