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Mammography Test Cost in Delhi

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Find Mammography Test Labs, Cost & Book Appointment Mammography test price starting from
Mammography in Delhi – Single Breast ₹ 800
Mammography in Delhi – Both Breast ₹ 1,200
Breast MRI in Delhi
₹ 5,600
Breast MRI Contrast in Delhi ₹ 8,600

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Mammography Test Cost in Delhi.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mammography Test

What is Mammography Test?

Mammography Test or Mammogram Test is prescribed for breast cancer screening. Generally, women should get a screening mammography test done annually after the age of 45.

If there is a propensity in the family for breast cancer, then the screening mammography should be done at an earlier age. Read about the rise of breast cancer in India and Mammography guide for India.

Mammography test is required for women where breast cancer is suspected. For monitoring of treatment and post-cancer, mammography test is used regularly.

This test produces the images of the breast tissue and can help in identification of any cancerous tumors. These days some people also recommend breast MRI which is helpful in identification of some forms of cancer which mammography test can miss. However, Breast MRI is not an alternate for Mammography Test.

Procedure of Mammography Test.
Mammography Procedure.

Which are the best centers for Mammography in Delhi?

We have more than 12 certified labs in our panel for your Mammography Test in Delhi. We have mentioned some of the best labs below:

  1. Indian Diagnostic Centre
  2. LabsAdvisor Premium Clinic
  3. Mahajan Imaging
  4. City X-Ray
  5. Suraksha Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd
  6. Dr. Madhu MRI Path Lab
  7. Capital Health Clinic
  8. B.R. Diagnostic
  9. Total Diagnostic

When is mammography recommended or prescribed?

  • Patient/physician identified breast lump
  • Focal breast pain/tenderness
  • Suspected Abscess
  • Spontaneous nipple discharge
  • New nipple changes
  • Family history of breast cancer
  • As a part of regular preventive health check-up after the age of 45. 

What are the risks associated with Mammography?

Although patient is exposed to small amount of radiation in the Mammography, dose is less and its benefit overweigh the dose of radiation.

How to book Mammography Test in Delhi at Discounted Rates?

LabsAdvisor has tied up with over 30 radiology labs to bring you discounted Mammography Test Cost in Delhi NCR. We are offering over 30% discount to the market price of the test at the lab. Mammography test is generally done for both breasts but sometimes, one breast mammogram is also prescribed.

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