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Mammography Test Cost in Delhi

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Mammography Prices in Delhi

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What is a mammography test?

A mammography Test or Mammogram Test is prescribed for breast cancer screening. Generally, women should get a screening mammography test done annually after the age of 45.

If there is a propensity in the family for breast cancer, then the screening mammography should be done at an earlier age. Read about the rise of breast cancer in India and Mammography guide for India.

Breast cancer risk factors.
Risk factors of breast cancer.

A mammography test is required for women where breast cancer is suspected. For monitoring of treatment and post-cancer, a mammography test is used regularly.

This test produces the images of the breast tissue and can help in the identification of any cancerous tumors. These days some people also recommend breast MRI which is helpful in the identification of some forms of cancer which mammography test can miss. However, Breast MRI is not an alternate for Mammography tests.

Why is the mammography test done?

The mammography test is ordered if you show any symptoms of breast cancer. A few of the symptoms are

  • Lump in the breast
  • Focal breast pain
  • Tenderness
  • Suspected abscess
  • Change in size or shape of the breast
  • Abnormal nipple discharge
  • Family history of breast cancer
Mammography test is done if you show any kind of breast cancer symptoms.
Symptoms of breast cancer.

It is also recommended to those who are above 40 years of age annually as they are at a high risk of developing breast cancer.

How to prepare for the mammography test?

Generally, there are no preparations required for the mammography test. However, you should avoid applying powder, cream, deodorant, etc on your breast before the procedure. It is also recommended to avoid the mammography test during your menstrual cycle.

What is the procedure of the mammography test?

The mammography test uses radiation to get a detailed image of your breast. You should stand next to the mammography machine and place the breast on the stand attached to it. A lab assistant will then compress your breast with the help of a paddle to make it evenly spread.

Then the X-ray will be used to capture the soft tissues in your breast. Your breast will be scanned from different angles to detect any abnormality.

Usually, it will take around 30 minutes to complete the entire procedure.

What are the risks in the mammography test?

You will be exposed to a minimal amount of radiation during the procedure which is generally not harmful. Other than this there are no known risks involved in the mammography test.

But, you should avoid mammography tests if you are breastfeeding at the time of the procedure.

If you wish to know more about the mammography test in Hindi then click here – Complete guide on mammography test in Hindi.

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