Huge Discount on Mammography Test Cost in Delhi

How to get discount on Mammography Test Cost in Delhi NCR?

What is Mammography Test?

Mammography Test or Mammogram Test is prescribed for breast cancer screening. Generally, women should get a screening mammography test done annually after the age of 45. If there is a propensity in the family for breast cancer, then the screening mammography should be done at an earlier age. Read about the rise of breast cancer in India and Mammography guide for India, here.

Mammography test is required for women where breast cancer is suspected. For monitoring of treatment and post cancer, mammography test is used regularly. This test produces the images of the breast tissue and can help in identification of any cancerous tumours. These days some people also recommend breast MRI which is helpful in identification of some forms of cancer which mammography test can miss. However, Breast MRI is not an alternate for Mammography Test.

Mammography Test Delhi by LabsAdvisor
Preparation for Mammography Test in Delhi

What is Mammography cost in Delhi?

Mammography Test cost varies between ₹2000 to ₹3500. This is the cost for mammogram of both breasts. The cost of mammography of one breast varies between ₹1100 to ₹2000. With, you can get a discount of upto 50% on this cost.

Test Name Cost Available on
Cost of Mammography Single Breast in Delhi ₹ 880
Cost of Mammography Both Breast in Delhi ₹ 1,400
Cost of Breast MRI Without Contrast in Delhi ₹ 3,000
Cost of Breast MRI With Contrast in Delhi ₹ 4,950

In the table above, the net cost of Mammography Test is given. You can click on the links to book.

How to book Mammography Test in Delhi at Discounted Rates?

LabsAdvisor, a diagnostic test company, has tied up with over 30 radiology labs in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida to bring you discounted cost for Mammography Test. We are offering over 30% discount to the market price of the test at the lab. Mammography test is generally done for both breasts but sometimes, one breast mammogram is also prescribed.

If you will like to speak to our customer service agent, please call 09811166231 . You can also fill out the form below for a call back.

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