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Serum Creatinine Test Cost & Labs

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Find Creatinine Test Labs, Cost & Book Appointment Creatinine Test Price Starting From
Cost of Serum Creatinine in Delhi ₹ 75
Cost of Serum Creatinine in Gurgaon ₹ 75
Cost of Serum Creatinine in Noida ₹ 70
Cost of Serum Creatinine in Mumbai ₹ 128
Cost of Serum Creatinine in Pune ₹ 200
Cost of Serum Creatinine in Hyderabad ₹ 150
Cost of Serum Creatinine in Faridabad ₹ 70
Cost of Serum Creatinine in Bengaluru ₹ 80
Cost of Serum Creatinine in Ghaziabad ₹ 70
Cost of Serum Creatinine in Navi Mumbai ₹ 128
Cost of Serum Creatinine in Chennai ₹ 85
Cost of Serum Creatinine in other cities ₹ 70

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The following are the best labs for Serum Creatinine test in Delhi / NCR.

  • SRL Limited
  • Gen X Diagnostics
  • Core Diagnostics
  • Helix Diagnostics
  • Atul Path Labs
  • Orbit Imaging
  • City X ray
  • Suraksha Diagnostics


Get exclusive discounts and cash back in any of the following labs in Bangalore.

  • Core Diagnostics
  • SRL limited
  • Clumax Diagnostics
  • Rashi Diagnostics
  • 3K Healthcare Pvt Ltd


Book your appointment with discounts and cashback in the following labs in Mumbai.

  • SRL Limited
  • Proscan Diagnostics
  • Core Diagnostics
  • Neptune Diagnostics
  • Dr. Jankharia’s Imaging


Get Upto 50% discount in any lab you choose in Chennai only on LabsAdvisor.com. Few best labs in Chennai are

  • SRL Limited
  • Proscan Diagnostics
  • Core Diagnostics


The following are the few best labs for Serum Creatinine test in Hyderabad.

  • SRL Limited
  • Vista Diagnostics
  • Core Diagnostics
  • Lucid Medical Diagnostics
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In this guide, we provide information about an important test can serum creatinine. This test is used to check the proper functioning of kidneys.

It is a part of the panel of tests that come under kidney function test or KFT for short. You may want to get serum creatinine test done alone or go for the complete kidney function test panel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Serum Creatinine Test

Why is Serum Creatinine Test Used?

Creatinine is a waste of the body which is formed when creatine, a constituent of muscles, breaks down. Kidneys are responsible for cleaning up the waste. Creatinine is processed by the kidney and hence an abnormal level of creatinine is an indicator of kidney dysfunction.

What are the symptoms when Serum Creatinine Test Ordered?

Serum Creatinine Test is ordered in patients with following symptoms:

  • Puffiness of face and eyes
  • Swelling in hands and feet
  • Difficulty in urination or blood in urine or foamy urine
  • Back pain
  • High blood pressure
  • Some medicines cause kidney damage as a side effect

It is also ordered in patients with following risk factors which lead to kidney dysfunction:

  • diabetes
  • cardiovascular disease
  • obesity
  • elevated cholesterol
  • high blood pressure (hypertension)
  • family history of kidney disease

What does increased Creatinine level in the body indicate:

Increased Creatinine level:

  1. Impaired kidney function
  2. Lot of meat in the diet
  3. Very large muscle mass
  4. Anabolic steroid users

Decreased Creatinine level: does not signify much

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