Story behind LabsAdvisor and its Logo

What does want to do?

We are a group of professionals passionate about delivering quality diagnostic testing to the average Indian. Our goal is to ensure you always experience high quality diagnostic testing that is also accessible and reliable.

We help patients in need of pathology or radiology discover their neighbourhood labs, and select one which specifically caters to their needs – be it a certain kind of testing, distance from their homes, convenience of home collection, or an affordable price. We use process to periodically measure quality and communicate price transparently. We are also a repository for your health records. All you records are stored in chronological order in our secure database. Easy to view, easy to access across any device and safe & secure.

What does Logo Represent?

Story behind logo of – Making medical tests more accessible with the use of technology.

Our offering is developed on four pillars. They are

  • Provide High Quality Medical / Diagnostic Tests
  • Location Based Services – You get best labs near you
  • Efficient Use of Technology – Use technology to make testing convenient
  • High Quality Customer Care –  Healthcare is the industry where perhaps the best quality customer care is needed

To know more about what we are trying to do, check out our video given below

[wpvideo Fpfslhbo]

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