20% Off on Level 2 Ultrasound Cost in Bangalore – From ₹1275 Only

Level 2 Ultrasound cost in Bangalore!
Level 2 Ultrasound cost in Bangalore!

Level 2 Ultrasound anticipates the overall development of your growing fetus. Through level 2 ultrasound scan the enlargement of the organs, the situation of the baby, the amount of amniotic fluid, any irregularities in the baby, or any such conditions can be known in depth. It provides a detailed image of the fetal anatomy. It is usually done in the second trimester (13th- 27th week) of pregnancy. It is also known as USG level 2 or Anomaly Scan.

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Level 2 Ultrasound Cost In Bangalore and Other Cities

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Important parameters of the Level 2 Ultrasound Scan 

  • Why is a Level 2 Ultrasound prescribed?
  • Prerequisites of Level 2 Ultrasound?
  • How is the scan performed?
  • What does the Level 2 Ultrasound show about the baby?

1. Why is the scan prescribed?

Ultrasound Level 2 is a usual scan prescribed during the second trimester of pregnancy (13th- 27th week). Doctors may suggest this scan due to the following reasons:

  • Evaluate the general improvement of the baby 
  • Check the situation of the developing infant
  • Check other inside structures, for example, umbilical string or placenta
  • Evaluate the mother’s cervix and vaginal canal
  • Decide the number of infants in the belly
  • Assess the measure of amniotic acid in the mother’s belly
  • Decide the birth deficiency or other chromosomal conditions, for example, down syndrome
  • Assess the present fetal movements

2. Prerequisites of the scan?

  • Level 2 Ultrasound scan does not require any specific preparations.
  • You don’t have to fill your bladder for this scan.
  • Your infant will be sufficiently developed to be seen through a sonography machine.
  • You will be approached to uncover your tummy so wear-free and comfortable garments. 
  • Ideally wear a two-piece dress, for example, a salwar kameez or pants and top as you will be approached to bring down your waist belt.
  • Ensure that you do not apply any cosmetic or ointment on your tummy prior to your scan.
Level 2 Ultrasound in Bangalore!
Level 2 Ultrasound in Bangalore!

3. How is the scan performed?

Level 2 Ultrasound scans are performed abdominally. Your sonographer may take 20-30 minutes for your Level 2 Ultrasound scan.

An Ultrasound machine makes 2D pictures of your embryo by identifying the sound waves.

A transducer (a medical device used to detect sound waves) is massaged against your belly to track the baby’s movement and development. A connected screen will show constant pictures of your baby. 

During the scan, you will be made to lie down comfortably on an examining table. The sonographer will apply a lubricating up gel on your stomach area.

This gel assists with decreasing erosion while rubbing the transducer. At that point, your sonographer will move the transducer on your belly in various ways to follow your child’s features.

As sound waves skip off your infant’s organs, they will be caught as pictures by the transducer. An exceptional computer shows these visuals.

Your sonographer will attempt numerous angles to see your child and gather as much conceivable information about the developing embryo. At the point when they get a proper visual of your baby’s features, measurements will be taken from head to toe.

4. What does the Level 2 Ultrasound show about the baby?

Level 2 Ultrasound scan provides detailed images of your baby. Through Level 2 Ultrasound scan doctors can examine the following:

  • Check if the mother is conveying twins
  • Examine the functioning of the baby’s heart
  • check whether the embryo’s head and limbs are completely organized
  • Information regarding the child’s number of toes and fingers
  • Check the arrangement of the bones in the spine of the child
  • Assess the right size and state of the child
  • Examine the advancement of stomach organs, for example, kidneys
  • Assess the placenta, the umbilical string, and the amniotic liquid
  • Decide the situation of the child in the mother’s belly
  • Distinguish chromosomal variations from the norm in the baby
  • Evaluate whether the baby has a cleft lip
  • Measure HC (Head Circumference), BPD (Biparietal Diameter), AC (Abdominal Circumference), and FL (Femur Length or thigh bone).

The sonographer will permit you to watch the continuous pictures showing up on the screen during the procedure. These pictures are taken cross-sectionally.

Your sonographer will assist you with understanding constant pictures created during the sweep as it might be hard for you to identify a child’s organs.

For the most part, bones will seem more splendid in the pictures while the infant’s delicate tissues will look dark in shading. The amniotic liquid around your child will seem dark in shading.

Usually, results are accessible in a day or two. The doctor will be in the correct situation to clarify the results completely.

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