Liver dysfunction symptoms show up when it is already too late

Liver is a shy organ – Liver disease symptoms show up late

Liver is the workhorse of our body. It produces various enzymes and proteins, and helps clear the body of waste material. Given its function, it should have a more vocal personality. Unfortunately, liver is a quite a shy organ. It endures a lot of abuse without making much noise.

Liver dysfunction symptoms take a lot of time to manifest. In many cases, by the time symptoms are evident, it is too late. Liver transplant is the only options left – is other cases e.g. patients suffering from Parkinson’s even that is not an option.

Liver Function Test - symptoms and recos

We recommend regular testing of liver function if you have any of the below given symptoms or your are taking medicines that may impact liver function (many medicines in fact do).

Liver Function Test should be done as a part of the preventive health check up annually for everyone above the age of 30.

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