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Get 50% Off on MRI Scan Cost in Bangalore

LabsAdvisor.com has been working very hard to change the diagnostic sector across India including the IT city of Bangalore. Through our continuous efforts we bring you the lowest MRI Scan rates in Bangalore. Rates are updated regularly and you can choose your choice of lab, and book online.

Most labs in Bangalore will charge you ₹8,000 for an MRI scan of any body part. Through us you can get the same scan done starting from  ₹4000 i.e. 50% discount. You save ₹4000 on a single test.

Also avail additional ₹100 off if you pay online. You will also get 3% cash back in your LabsAdvisor wallet. This means that for a medical test of ₹4000 you will get ₹120 cash back.

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Lowest Cost MRI Scan in Bangalore
50% Off on MRI Scan Price in Bangalore

What is MRI Scan Cost in Bangalore?

The price of MRI Scan in Bangalore ranges from ₹1,950 to ₹14,000. The range in prices is due to quality of MRI machine to use and the specific study of MRI you want to get done.

Table below gives the cost of MRI Scans in Bangalore


MRI Scan Type Min Cost of MRI Scan with LabsAdvisor
1.5 T (Tesla) MRI Scan Cost in Bangalore ₹ 4,000
1.5 T (Tesla) MRI Scan Contrast Cost in Bangalore ₹ 6,200
3 T (Tesla) MRI Scan Cost in Bangalore ₹ 7,650
1.5 Tesla MRI Screening Cost in Bangalore ₹ 1,950

The key MRI Scan costs are explained below:

  • MRI Scan using 1.5 T (Tesla) Machine in Bangalore: The MRI Scan of any body part in Bangalore costs ₹8,000 on an average. Booking through LabsAdvisor.com, you can get the cost of as low as ₹4,000 for this scan. Any body part MRI includes body parts like brain, knee, PNS, KUB or more.
  • MRI Scan with Contrast using 1.5 T (Tesla) Machine: The MRI Scan of any body part with use of Contrast agent, costs ₹11,500 on an average. Booking through LabsAdvisor.com, you can get the cost starting from ₹6,200 for this scan in Bangalore.
  • 3 T (Tesla) MRI Scan: MRI Scan of any body part using a three tesla machine (which has a higher resolution than 1.5 T machine) costs ₹8,500 on an average in Bangalore. You can get this scan for ₹7,650, if you book through LabsAdvisor.com.
  • MRI Screening 1.5 Tesla Machine: Average cost is ₹3,500. We can book this test at ₹1,950. This is generally a preventive health check up and not prescription test.

For an full listing of MRI Scan Cost in Bangalore for different mri studies including MRI Head, MRI Abdomen, MRI PNS, MRI Knee, different studies like MRI Brain with Seizure protocol, check our table with complete listing of MRI Scan Cost in Bangalore

Write to us at info@labsadvisor.com for a discounted cost of any MRI scan Bangalore.  Our standard working hours are from 8.30AM in the morning to 8PM in the evening. Alternatively, you can book online at labsadvisor.com or give us a call on 09811166231

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