CT Angiography in Delhi @₹9,000 – Lowest price of CT Coronary Angiography

Lowest CT Angiography Cost in Delhi / CT Coronary Angiography in Delhi NCR

LabsAdvisor.com, the premium diagnostic test company, brings to you the lowest cost CT Angiography of heart in Delhi. Before we tell you why we can get the lowest cost and assure you of the quality of the test, let us tell the cost first.

CT Coronary Angiography or CT Angiography of Heart costs ₹9,200 only.

Call us now at 09811166231 to avail of this offer. You can also book CT Coronary Angiography at one of the many centres that we have in Delhi /NCR. 

Compared to some of the top hospitals that charge upwards of ₹20,000 for this procedure, we are offering you over 50% discount. You must be wondering how are we able to offer the lowest rates. There are three reasons for that

  1. Volume of Tests: We give volumes to our lab partners and their marketing costs go down hugely. They are able to treat LabsAdvisor.com as their marketing arm and hence are able to offer lowest rates to us.
  2. No Doctor Commissions: When you get your CT Angiography done through a hospital or through your doctor referral, the doctor many times get a cut from the cost you pay for your CT angiography. In our case, we do not pay doctor commissions and hence cost savings for the end customer.
  3. LabsAdvisor Cost Structure:  We are a pan India player and our costs are spread across various different cities. Per test, we keep our margins really low to be able to offer the best rates to our customers.
CT Angiography in Delhi
Lowest Cost CT Angiography in Delhi

While we are offering low rates, we are also sure that the quality of testing is not compromised. In medical testing, if the quality is not good, then lower cost is of no use. We work with our partner labs to ensure that the best equipment and qualified radiologists are used for CT Angiography test.

You can always ask to speak with the radiologist who is do the testing for you to be doubly sure.

To know how CT Angiography compares to traditional angiography, check here. You can also check the detailed procedure and other relevant details for CT Angiography Test in this detailed post.

To speak to us about your requirements of CT Angiography in Delhi, call us now on 09811166231. You may fill out the form below to get a call back from us.


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