Mammography Test in Mumbai – Know Cost and Book at Discounted Prices

Image of Mammography Test in Mumbai

Mammography Test in Mumbai

Mammography is perhaps the most important diagnostic test in the fight against breast cancer. The test is used for breast cancer screening in women over the age of 35 years. It is also used to check the progress of chemotherapy or other treatments for breast cancer in women who have suffered from breast cancer.

Mammography is an advanced x ray procedure which is specially suited for the soft tissues of breast. The mammography machines can diagnose cancers in breast tissues. To know more about mammography test procedure, who should get it done and other relevant facts for India, check here. In some cases, doctors also recommend, MRI Breast as a complementary diagnostic test to mammography.

Image of Mammography Test in Mumbai
Mammography Test in Mumbai

Cost of Mammography in Mumbai

Generally, mammography test is done for both the breasts but sometimes, it is recommended for one breast only. In the table given below, we have mentioned the lowest cost of mammography test available with LabsAdvisor, India’s largest diagnostic test platform, in Mumbai.

Cost of Mammography Test in Mumbai Min Cost
Mammography Test Cost for Single Breast in Mumbai ₹ 1,275
Mammography Test Cost for Both Breasts in Mumbai ₹ 1,275
3 Tesla MRI Scan Mammography / 3T MRI Breast Cost in Mumbai ₹ 10,150

How to book Mammography Test in Mumbai?

Please give us call on 09811166231 to book your mammography test in Mumbai. We will give you multiple lab options and you may choose based on distance from your house, quality of lab, availability of a lady radiologist or the discounted price offered by a particular lab. If you will like us to call you back, please fill out the form given below.

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