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Brain MRI Cost in Delhi

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MRI Brain scan ₹ 2,500
MRI Brain scan with contrast ₹ 5,500
MRI Brain scan Screening ₹ 1,050
MRI Brain scan with Seizure Protocol ₹ 2,850
MRI Brain scan Venography test ₹ 4,000
MRI Brain scan with Angiography ₹ 5,000
MRI Brain scan with CSF Flow study ₹ 4,500
MRI Brain scan with Diffusion Study ₹ 3,000
MRI Brain scan with Epilepsy Protocol ₹ 4,500
MRI Brain scan with orbit ₹ 5,000
MRI Brain scan with perfusion ₹ 5,000
MRI Brain scan with Pituitary ₹ 3,800
MRI Brain scan with Spectroscopy ₹ 5,000
MRI Brain scan with Venography ₹ 5,000
3T MRI Brain scan ₹ 3,720
3T MRI  Brain scan Contrast ₹ 7,220
3T MRI Brain Screening ₹ 1,600
3T MRI scan Brain Seizure Protocol ₹ 7,000
3T MRI Brain scan with CSF Flow Study ₹ 9,500
3T MRI Brain scan with Diffusion Study ₹ 5,500
3T MRI Brain scan with Spectroscopy ₹ 11,400

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Brain MRI Scan Price in Delhi.

Frequently Asked Questions About MRI Brain Scan

What is an MRI Brain Scan?

To get a detailed image of the inside of a brain, MRI scan of the brain is done. This is a harmless test because no radiation is involved. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, also called MRI, produces a magnetic field and uses radio waves to obtain the image.

Why is an MRI Brain Scan prescribed?

Since the technology passes through the bones of the head, MRI Scan can create images of the internal parts of the brain. Given below are the symptoms leading a doctor to prescribe an MRI of the brain.

  • Stroke
  • Infections
  • Tumors
  • Cysts
  • Swelling
  • Aneurysms (bulged up blood vessels in the brain)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Hydrocephalus (built up spinal fluid in brain cavities)
  • Inflammation
  • Problems with development
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Your doctor may order an MRI because of the above-mentioned reasons.

What are the different machines used in the MRI of a Brain?

The two types of machines used in the MRI Scan of a brain are:

  • 5 Tesla (1.5T)
  • 3 Tesla (3T)

The SI Unit of measure of magnetic field intensity is called Tesla. If the doctor hasn’t prescribed which machine is to be used, one is free to use any, according to their own preference. If you’re claustrophobic, i.e. you have a fear of closed or bound places, you can always choose the open MRI machine to get your brain scanned. Also, sedatives are given if the problem goes out of hands.

What is the technology used in an MRI scan of the brain?

A massive machine is used to create a strong resonating (alternating) magnetic field, which transmits multiple radio waves to highlight the tissues and abnormalities under inspection. The machine is like a hollow cylinder, which contains a translating bed on one side (for the patient to lie on).

Once the patient is on the bed, it goes inside the cylinder for the machine to generate the resonating magnetic field and thus, creating the images, which are then sent to the computer attached. Printouts can be taken to study the abnormalities further.

How do I prepare myself for the MRI of Brain?

Follow these simple steps before going for the MRI scan:

  • Take off all the metal objects like jewelry, watches, piercings, credit/debit cards.
  • Take off the hearing aids, if any.
  • Don’t go inside the chambers with spectacles on.
  • Take off the braces from your teeth.
  • No hairpins, safety pins, metal zippers are to be taken inside.
  • Pens, pocket knives, eye lenses must also be removed.

What are risks involved in an MRI Brain Scan?

  • Excessive sedation is risky.
  • An allergic reaction to the contrast material, if injected, is considered to be a very slight risk.
  • Any metal element inside the MRI chambers can cause some problems in the MRI.
  • If the kidneys are poorly functioned, heavy doses of contrast materials could be risky.
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