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MRI Scan Cost in Ahmedabad

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Find MRI Scan Labs, Cost & Book AppointmentDiscounted MRI scan cost starting from
MRI Scan Brain Price₹ 4,812
MRI Scan Chest Price₹ 4,718
MRCP Price₹ 5,143
Cardiac MRI Scan Price 10,756
MRI Scan Clavicle Price 5,189
MRI Scan Femur Price 6,567 
MRI Scan Angiography Brain Price 7,831 
MRI Scan Angiography Brain without Contrast Price 5,604 
MRI Scan Angiography Neck Price 7,831 
MRI Scan Angiography Neck without Contrast Price 4,246 
MRI Scan Ankle Contrast Price₹ 8,822
MRI Scan Ankle Joint Price₹ 5,189
MRI Scan Arm Price 4,718 
MRI Scan Brachial Plexus Price₹ 4,718
MRI Scan Brachial Plexus Contrast Price 8,822
MRI Scan Brain Contrast Price₹ 7,925
MRI Scan Brain Screening Price₹ 2,076
MRI Scan Brain Venography Price 4,671
MRI Scan Breast Price 4,718
MRI Scan Breast Contrast Price 12,266 
MRI Scan Chest Price 4,718 
MRI Scan Chest Contrast Price 8,208 
MRI Scan Cisternography Price 6,133 
MRI Scan CV Junction Price 5,189 
MRI Scan Elbow Joint Price₹ 5,189
MRI Scan Fistulogram Price 5,661 
MRI Scan Foot Price₹ 4,718
MRI Scan Forearm Price₹ 4,718
MRI Scan Hand Price₹ 7,133
MRI Scan Hip Joint Price₹ 5,189
MRI Scan Knee Joint Price₹ 5,189
MRI Scan Knee Joint Contrast Price 8,822
MRI Scan KUB Price 6,133 
MRI Scan Leg Price₹ 4,718
MRI Scan Lower Abdomen Contrast Price₹ 7,925
MRI Scan Myelogram Price 4,718
MRI Scan Neck Price₹ 5,189
MRI Scan Neck Contrast Price₹ 8,822
MRI Scan Orbit Price₹ 4,671
MRI Scan Orbit Contrast Price₹ 8,020
MRI Scan Pelvis Price₹ 5,426
MRI Scan Pelvis Contrast Price₹ 8,020
MRI Scan Pituitary Price 7,548
MRI Scan PNS Price 4,151
MRI Scan Prostate Price₹ 5,189
MRI Scan Prostate Contrast Price₹ 8,020
MRI Scan S I Joint Price₹ 5,095
MRI Scan S I Joint Contrast Price 7,454
MRI Scan Shoulder Joint Price₹ 5,189
MRI Scan Shoulder Contrast Price 8,822 
MRI Scan Spectroscopy Price₹ 8,020
MRI Scan Cervical Spine Price₹ 4,246
MRI Scan Cervical Spine Contrast Price₹ 7,454
MRI Scan Cervical Spine Screening Price₹ 2,076
MRI Scan Dorsal Spine Price₹ 5,095
MRI Scan Dorsal Spine Contrast Price₹ 7,454
MRI Scan Dorsal Spine Screening Price₹ 2,642
MRI Scan Lumbar Spine Price₹ 5,095
MRI Scan Lumbar Spine Contrast Price₹ 7,454
MRI Scan Lumbar Spine Screening Price₹ 2,925
MRI Scan Whole Spine Price₹ 13,209
MRI Scan Whole Spine Screening Price₹ 1,698
MRI Scan T M Joint Price₹ 5,189
MRI Scan T M Joint Contrast Price₹ 8,822
MRI Scan Thigh Price₹ 5,189
MRI Scan Upper Abdomen Price₹ 5,189
MRI Scan Upper Abdomen Contrast Price₹ 7,454
MRI Scan Urography Price₹ 4,718
MRI Scan Venography Price₹ 4,671
MRI Scan Whole Abdomen Price₹ 6,605
MRI Scan Whole Abdomen Contrast Price₹ 12,030
MRI Scan Wrist Price₹ 5,189
MRI Scan Wrist Contrast Price₹ 8,020

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Book MRI Scan in Ahmedabad through LabsAdvisor to get the lowest MRI scan cost.

Frequently Asked Questions About MRI Scan

What is an MRI Scan?

The full form of MRI Scan is Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scan. MRI Scan is the most common method used by doctors to identify the abnormalities in the internal organs. This scan uses strong magnetic fields and electromagnetic pulses to visualize the internal organs of our body. It is non-invasive, does not cause any pain and there is no exposure to radiation as of X-rays.

Why is an MRI Scan done?

MRI scan is generally done to detect various disorders in the internal body organs such as

  • Heart diseases
  • Problems in the structure of heart
  • Injuries in the brain
  • Stroke
  • Blockage in the blood vessels
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Liver and kidney disorders
  • Joint damages
  • Bone damage and infection
  • Cancer
  • Multiple sclerosis

MRI is also done to monitor the success of an ongoing treatment and to check the health of ovaries and breasts in women and prostate in men.

Who shouldn’t take an MRI scan?

MRI scan is not recommended to the people with following medical conditions

  • Pacemakers
  • Cochlear or ear implants
  • Pregnant women
  • Breast-feeding mothers (advised to consult your doctor before the scan)
  • Kidney disease (as MRI scan might result in kidney failure)
  • Metal coils placed in blood vessels
  • Recently placed artificial joints

As people with metallic implants are restricted to take normal MRI scan, an advanced technique called Maverick MRI was developed.

Is there any preparation required before an MRI Scan?

There is no special preparation required for an MRI scan. But in some special cases, a contrast dye may be given orally or injected into the vein few hours before to get a more enhanced image. So, your doctor may ask you to fast for minimum 4 hours before taking an MRI Scan.

You are not allowed to carry any object with metallic content inside the scanning room and you should change into a gown given in the lab.

What is the procedure of an MRI Scan?

MRI scan is done with the help of strong electromagnetic pulses and radio waves. The MRI machine looks like a large tube and the circular magnets are attached around it. These magnets rotate around the body part to be examined.

The lab technician will ask you to lie down straight on a table that slides into the MRI machine. Then the magnets start rotating around you creating strong magnetic fields inside the body. These signals will be picked up and sent to a specialized computer to process into images. The computer will be located in a different room to keep it away from the magnetic field generated by the scanner. Throughout the procedure you will hear loud buzzing sounds from the machine.

The radiologist will monitor the entire procedure from a different room where the computer is located. He / she will be able to speak with you through microphone during the procedure.

It usually takes about 60 to 90 minutes to complete the entire procedure depending on the body part to be examined.

Is there any risk in MRI scan?

There is no possible risks or complications in an MRI scan. It is quite safe as MRI scan does not use any kind of X-ray and there is no exposure to radiation.

But the use of contrast dye material may lead to allergic reactions in some patients. It might also cause kidney failure if you already have any kidney disorders. So it is very important to inform your doctor if you have any known allergic reactions to the contrast material before the scan.

What are the limitations of MRI scan?

There are some limitations to the MRI scan. The images may get distorted or blur if there is any kind of movement during the scan. So it is very important to remain still throughout the procedure. Patients with metallic implants are restricted to take the normal MRI scan due to electromagnetic pulses.

The magnetic fields may also affect the unborn child if you are pregnant. So it is advised not to take the MRI scan during the first trimester of the pregnancy period.

Know more about the purpose, limitations, preparation & risks in doing an MRI Scan.
MRI Scan – Purpose, Limitations, Preparation & Risk

How long does it take to get the MRI scan reports?

The radiologist will analyse the images produced and prepare the report. Generally, the report will be available within 1 to 3 days of the scan.

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