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Cheapest MRI Scan cost in Pune!
Cheapest MRI Scan cost in Pune!

The full form of MRI is Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It is the most common method to detect and diagnose abnormalities in the internal organs. MRI uses a strong magnetic field and electromagnetic pulses to visualize the internal organs of our body.

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MRI Cost in PunePrice Starting From
MRI Brain Price in Pune₹4800
MRI Brain Contrast Price in Pune₹6800
MRCP Price in Pune₹6000
MRI Clavicle Price in Pune₹6375
MRI Scan Coccyx Price in Pune₹6375
MRI Scan Femur Price in Pune₹6375
MRI LS Spine Price in Pune₹4800
MRI Scan Parotid Gland Price in Pune₹6375
MRI Scan Patellar Tracking Price in Pune₹1700
MRI Scan Arm Price in Pune₹6375
MRI Scan Elbow Joint Price in Pune₹4800
MRI Scan Face Price in Pune₹6375
MRI Scan Foot Price in Pune₹6375
MRI Scan Forearm Price in Pune₹6375
MRI Scan Hand Price in Pune₹6375
MRI Scan Hip Joint Price in Pune₹4800
MRI Scan Knee Joint Price in Pune₹4800
MRI Scan Knee Joint Both Price in Pune₹10400
MRI Scan Leg Price in Pune₹6375
MRI Scan Shoulder Joint Price in Pune₹4800
MRI Scan Spine Cervical Price in Pune₹4800
MRI Scan Spine Dorsal Price in Pune₹4800
MRI Scan Thigh Price in Pune₹6375
MRI Scan Toe Price in Pune₹6375
MRI Scan Upper Abdomen Price in Pune₹6375
MRI Scan Whole Abdomen Price in Pune₹11900
MRI Scan Wrist Price in Pune₹4800
MRI Scan Wrist Both Price in Pune₹12750
MRI Scan Scapula Price in Pune₹6375
MRI Scan Scoliosis Price in Pune₹8925
MRI Scan Neck Price in Pune₹4800
Lowest MRI Scan Cost in Pune in all the best labs.
MRI Scan Price in Pune.

Frequently Asked Questions About MRI Scan

Why is an MRI done?

MRI scan is done to diagnose various disorders in the internal parts of our body such as

  • Injury in brain
  • Heart disease
  • Blood vessel blockage
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Injuries in the spinal cord
  • Infection in bones
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney disorders
  • Joint damages

MRI is often done to monitor the success of the ongoing treatment for certain medical conditions.

How should I prepare for an MRI?

There are no special preparations required for an MRI. You may be asked to change into a gown that will be provided by the lab before the scan. You are not allowed to carry any objects with metallic content as it may distort the images. Patients with metallic medical implants are also restricted to undergo an MRI.

To produce a more enhanced image of blood vessels a contrast material may be used. The contrast dye may be given orally or injected in your vein a few hours before the scan.

Preparations for MRI Scan - Pune
Preparations for MRI Scan – Pune

How is the procedure performed?

MRI is done with the help of strong electromagnetic pulses. The MRI looks like a large tube with circular magnets around it. These magnets rotate around your body part that is to be examined.

You will be asked to lie down on a table that slides into the MRI machine. Then the magnets rotate around you creating a strong magnetic field inside your body. These signals will be picked and sent to a specialized computer which will be located in a different room to process into images.

Throughout the procedure, you will hear loud buzzing sounds from the MRI machine. The entire process will be monitored by a radiologist from a different room where the computer is located. The radiologist will be able to speak with the patient with the help of a microphone and speaker during the procedure.

Normally the entire procedure of MRI scan lasts up to 90 minutes depending on the purpose and the type of body part that is examined.

It usually takes up to 90 minutes to complete the entire procedure depending on the body part that is examined.

What are the risks associated with an MRI?

In general, MRI does not involve any potential risks or side effects. MRI does not use any kind of X-ray to click pictures of our internal organs. So it is completely safe as patients are not exposed to any kind of radiation.

However as the MRI uses strong magnets to visualize the inner parts, patients with certain medical implants cannot take an MRI.

The use of contrast dye may lead to allergic reactions in some patients. It may also cause kidney failure if you already have any kidney disorders. So it is important to inform your doctor if you have any known allergic reactions to the contrast material before the procedure.

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