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MRI Scan KUB Cost in Delhi₹ 2500
MRI Scan KUB Cost in Noida₹ 2500
MRI Scan KUB Cost in Gurgaon₹ 2500
MRI Scan KUB Cost in Mumbai₹ 4875
MRI Scan KUB Cost in Chennai
₹ 3650
MRI Scan KUB Cost in Hyderabad₹ 5600
MRI Scan KUB Cost in Bangalore₹ 4200
MRI Scan KUB Cost in Pune₹ 5775

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MRI KUB Scan Price.

Frequently Asked Questions About MRI KUB Scan

What is MRI Scan KUB?

An MRI Kidney, Ureter, and Bladder (KUB) is done to evaluate the correct size, shape, position, and functioning of the organs of the urinary and gastrointestinal system. MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging-a procedure that uses powerful magnetic fields, radio waves, and multiple special cameras to create 3D images of the abdominal cavity (specifically Kidney, Ureter, and Bladder). Doctors can use it to help them diagnose urinary disorders and causes of abdominal pain. MRI has been proven an effective way of scanning the internal organs, soft tissues and track blood vessels. It can easily detect any abnormal growth of mass or a cyst in the abdomen and stones in the genitourinary tract.

Who is recommended for an MRI Scan KUB?

A patient is recommended for KUB MRI Scan:

  • To determine the cause of abnormalities present in urinary systems, such as Kidney stones or gallstones,
  • To determine the cause of any unexplained abdominal pain,
  • To evaluate any fluid build up around the internal organs,
  • To locate the presence of any unusual or foreign object,
  • To scan patients with urinary tract infections (UTI),
  • To detect the cause of Hematuria (blood in urine),
  • To detect any tumor, blockage, infection or cancer in or around urinary system,

Doctors order a KUB study to identify abdominal pain that they haven’t diagnosed yet. During the test, images are taken of the structures of your digestive system, including the intestines and stomach. The KUB procedure can also help your doctor to diagnose certain gastrointestinal conditions. It is also suggested after a surgical procedure as a follow-up.

What are the preparations required for an MRI Scan KUB?

The preparations required for an MRI Scan KUB will include:

  1. Wearing loose cotton clothes with no embellishments, pins, zips, hooks or snaps,
  2. Do not wear any jewelry, wristwatch, hearing aids or hairpins,
  3. Take off your removable dentures or any other metallic implants in the body,
  4. Inform your doctor if you have any surgical clips, pacemaker, insulin pump, bullet or a brain aneurysm
  5. Bring the prescription of medicines you were taking before your scan,
  6. Recent blood reports of blood Urea and Creatinine should also be carried
  7. Remove any trans-dermal pain relief patches.

If you are claustrophobic (fear of confined spaces) you may need sedation (anesthesia). Do not smoke for at least 24 hours and do not drink coffee/tea for at least 12 hours before the scan. Notify your physician if you are expecting or a breastfeeding mother.

What is the procedure for an MRI Scan KUB?

The scan typically takes place in a radiology department or laboratory. There is a different room where an MRI machine is installed. An MRI machine is a huge cylindrical tube-shaped device with an attached examination table. The patient is positioned on it and the narrow table slides inside and out of the machine while scanning the affected organ of the patient.

The MRI staff will be in another room where the scanner controls are located. However, the patient will be in constant sight of the staff through a window. Speakers inside the scanner will enable the staff to communicate with the patient through an intercom. The scanning produces a clicking, tapping and buzzing sound as the magnetic field is created and pulses of radio waves are sent from the scanner. The patient will be given a pair of earplugs to wear to help reduce the noises from the MRI scanner and hear any messages or instructions from the technologist. The images are formed in multiple visuals known as slices.

The procedure may take 30-45 minutes. It is important that the patient remains very still during the examination. The patient may be instructed to hold their breath for a few seconds, depending on the body part being examined.

In some cases, your doctor may need multiple views and you may need to move into another position for another image. The results are generally available within 24 hours after the test.

If you face any issue with the scan you may notify your radiologist immediately. It is suggested that the patient clear all their doubts beforehand.

What are the possible interpretations of an MRI Scan KUB?

A KUB MRI is a safe, harmless and effective procedure that can give you and your doctor a look at your kidneys, ureters, and bladder. The study can help your doctor diagnose pain or a condition right away, or it may be a preliminary step toward a diagnosis. Your radiologist will view the images and interpret the results. Results of a KUB study may show injuries to your stomach or intestines, fluid in your abdominal cavity, or a blockage of your intestines. The patient’s results may show the presence of kidney stones or gallstones.

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