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Maverick MRI Price in Delhi₹ 12,000₹ 10,800

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Maverick MRI Price.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maverick MRI

What is Maverick MRI?

We all know that the MRI scan uses strong electro magnetic pulse to visualize the internal parts of our body. So patients with any kind of metal implants cannot take the MRI scan as the implants may distort the image.

To overcome this limitation a technique called Mavric MRI is developed. Maverick MRI is capable of producing more enhanced image of soft tissues and bones near the metal implants.

Maverick MRI reduces the distortions caused by the metal implants in both in-plane and through-plane dimensions compared to normal MRI.

It helps doctors to clearly view the soft tissues near the implants for diagnostic purpose by producing high quality images.

It is an effective tool to examine the patients with metal implants.

Maverick MRI is an effective tool to examine the areas near the metal implants.
Maverick MRI Scan.

Technique used in Mavric MRI

Maverick MRI uses 3D fast spinning echo technique is used. This technique captures multiple overlapping volumes at distinct frequency offsets. This ensures that the through-plane and in-plane distortions are reduced.

In the slice selective dimension the phase encoding is implemented and slab selectivity is enabled to prevent different signals from becoming indistinguishable.

And in the end, a technique called spectrally correlated deblurring is used in the final image to produce quality image of the areas near the MR conditional metallic devices.

How to prepare for Maverick MRI?

In general, there is no preparation required for the Maverick MRI. You will be asked to change into a loose gown provided by the lab.

In some case, to produce more enhanced image a contrast dye may be used. It will be injected in the vein or given orally few hours before the test. If you have any known allergies to the contrast dye, inform your doctor prior to the procedure.

MRI with metal implants procedure is similar to that of conventional MRI scan.
MRI with metal implants.

How is the procedure performed?

The procedure for the Maverick MRI scan varies depending on the body part examined and the type of metal implant. But few of the procedure remains same as that of conventional MRI.

You should lie down on a table that will slide into the MRI machine. A large circular magnet rotates around your body part, creating magnetic field inside your body.

These signals created inside the body will be picked by the MRI machine and send it to a special computer to process into image.

The entire process will be monitored by a technician from a different room. The technician will communicate with the patient with the help of speakers and microphone.

What are the risks in Maverick MRI?

Normally, there are no risks associated with Maverick MRI.

If the contrast material is used, there are chances that you may develop allergic reactions. And if you have the history of kidney disorders, the contrast dye used may lead to kidney failure.

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