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Full Body PET Scan / PET CT Scan in Mumbai

PET Scan or PET CT scan is a very important radiology nuclear imaging test for diagnosis and follow up of various ailments, especially cancer.

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PET Scan or Positron Emission Tomography Scan is a technology introduced in year 2000. This technology is used primarily for detection and monitoring of cancer while there diagnostic uses for other diseases related to heart and brain as well.

PET Scan combines the two areas of radiology and nuclear medicine to give very detailed images of tissues and cells in the body. PET CT Scan can give images at the cellular level which other radiology tests like CT Scan or MRI can not do. Hence, doctors are increasingly using full body PET Scan to monitor and screen for cancer, brain PET Scan for checking reasons for seizures or memory loss and heart or cardiac PET Scan for issues related to heart arteries. In cancer, whole body PET Scan can help your doctor diagnose areas of cancer, how cancer is spreading and how cancer is responding to chemotherapy.

PET Scan Procedure

You are required to observe a few hours of fasting before the procedure begins. The lab where you plan the test will tell you about this requirement. Once you reach the lab, you will be required to take in a radioactive tracer in your body. This can be done through an injection, through inhalation or you may be required to drink the radioactive tracer. Then the radiologist will ask you to wait for some time for the radioactive tracer to spread in your body.

You will have to then go into the PET CT machine in a horizontal position. Some people find this difficult because they are afraid of closed spaces. You should tell the lab before hand. They may decide to give you a tranquilizer before the test.

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PET Scan in Mumbai

Risks Associated with PET Scan Procedure

PET Scan is a nuclear medicine test and a radioactive substance is injected in the body. While any level of radiation may be harmful, most researchers believe that the level of radiation one is subjected to during a PET Scan is so low, that it has almost no impact on you. The benefits of a PET CT Scan far outweigh the potential risk associated with it.

However, women who are pregnant or who are breast-feeding may not be allowed to have a PET Scan. Please discuss with you doctor and the lab beforehand. Also, if you have had an allergic reaction to the radioactive substance before, let the lab know about it.

For more information about PET Scan, you may check here. 

Cost of PET Scan in Mumbai

PET Scan cost can vary depending on the lab or hospital you go to. There are some specialist PET Scan labs that charge lower than most hospitals and also provide a superior experience due to their expertise. In Mumbai, the cost of full body PET CT Scan for cancer varies from ₹9,999 to ₹32,000.

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Full Body PET Scan Cost in Mumbai – ₹9,999

PET Scan Brain cost in Mumbai – ₹4,999

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