Get Preventive Health Check in India for International Travellers

India as a preventive health check destination

Over the last few years, India has been emerging as a go to destination for low cost and high quality healthcare. For a lot of countries in Asia and Africa like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan Iraq, Zimbabwe and Nigeria, India is definitely on the radar for those looking for medical procedures.

In the recent years, we have also seen an upward trend of people coming from the western world like the UK and USA to India for quality medical treatments, like dental treatments, at the fraction of the cost of their home country. Many people choose to come to India because they do not want to wait for a very long time for their medical procedure in their home country.

However, many travellers do not realise that India is a very attractive destination for preventive health checks.

This article covers all the details that an international travellers to India would need to know to get a preventive health check or diagnostic test in India. The following is the table of content

  • What is preventive health check?
  • Why should I choose India for preventive health check up?
  • Can I trust medical labs in India to do high quality testing?
  • Why are Indian preventive health check rates lower than western country rates?
  • Can I pre book my health check up before coming to India?
  • Can I customise my health check up according to my requirement?
  • Can someone recommend a good preventive health check up suitable for my needs?
  • Ok, I am interested, who should I get in touch with?

What is preventive health check?

Preventive health check up is done by a patient to know their health status. Many times the symptoms of the disease manifest after a long gestation period. When we know about the disease at a later stage treatment is the only option and in some cases even that option does not exist.

Our body organs like liver, kidneys and blood sample testing at a regular interval can help us assess our health. We can identify the dysfunction or the start of a health problem early on.

Preventive health check ups may help us lead a good healthy life longer. In some cases, it can also be a lifesaver. For example, liver problems do not manifest easily in body symptoms. A simple liver function blood test though can catch liver problems very early.

Why should I choose India for preventive health check up?

There are obvious cost advantages. A comprehensive preventive health check up of blood may cost upwards of $1500 in western countries. In India, this can be done at less that $100.

A full body check up including whole body MRI screening will cost over $8000 in many western countries while in India this can be done at under $1000.

While cost is definitely an advantage, the quality can be assured if you get tested at a proper certified center.

Also, there are no waiting periods in India. If you are landing in Delhi and have just one day for testing, a preventive health checkup can be easily arranged. The reports can be sent through online channels or through a courier.

Can I trust medical labs in India to do high-quality testing?

There are some labs in India, that does not do good quality testing. However, most major cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, and Hyderabad have many certified labs that do high-quality testing comparable to any western market.

Labs conducting blood tests may have a certification called NABL, which is a certification by the Indian government. Similarly, imaging labs that conduct MRI and CT Scans, may have NABH certification to prove their credentials.

Some labs and hospitals also have CAP certification which is international certification.

LabsAdvisor.com, India’s largest medical test platform, works with many certified and high-quality labs on a daily basis. We make sure that we get you testing only at the very best labs.

To know more about health checks, drop us an email at [email protected] or call us on +91-9811166231.

Why are Indian preventive health check rates lower than western country rates?

India is generally not a very expensive country. Eating out or travel in India is cheaper than many other countries. But a lot of price ranges exist.

Similarly, healthcare is no exception. Generally, healthcare is more economical than in western countries. Our healthcare system is primarily privately held. The cost of manpower and land is lower (in general) than in the western world.

India has a ready supply of doctors and other healthcare professionals, especially in the major cities.

Can I pre-book my health check-up before coming to India?

Yes. LabsAdvisor.com can help you with that.

You may write to us on [email protected] with your requirement, travel dates and the cities of travel. We can arrange medical tests for you in over 20 cities of India.

You can let us know the tests you want. If you are looking for an already designed health check-up, we have many for you to choose from. You may choose based on your age or any other health condition.

Can I customize my health check up according to my requirement?

Yes. You can decide based on your medical, age or any other need. We can also suggest packages that you can choose from.

Can someone recommend a good preventive health check-up suitable for my needs?

We have a ready set of many health checks e.g. full body check up with MRI Screening, Smokers’ Package, Obesity Package, Feeling Tired Package, Lifeless Skin Panel and many more.

If required, we can also set up a consultation with our doctor before you come to India. Based on the consultation, the doctor may suggest a package for you.

Ok, I am interested, who should I get in touch with?

Great. Write to us at [email protected] with your requirements. We will reply and then set up a skype or a WhatsApp call with you.

Remember, that with LabsAdvisor.com, you have a guarantee of quality or we will refund your money.


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