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PT INR Test Price in Delhi ₹ 175
PT INR Test Price in Gurgaon ₹ 240
PT INR Test Price in Noida
₹ 112
PT INR Test Price in Mumbai ₹ 252
PT INR Test Price in Chennai ₹ 225
PT INR Test Price in Hyderabad ₹ 324
PT INR Test Price in Bangalore ₹ 280
PT INR Test Price in other Indian cities ₹ 175

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PT INR Test Price.

Frequently Asked Questions About PT INR Test

What is PT INR Test?

The Prothrombin test, also called as Prothrombin Time Test measures the time taken for the blood to clot. The INR refers to International Normalized Ratio which is a calculation based on the PT test results. So it is collectively called as PT INR test.

The test measures the time taken for the blood to clot after some reagents are added to it. The PT INR test is very helpful to diagnose the unexplained bleeding and inappropriate blood clots.

Why is inappropriate blood clot dangerous?

The blood clot is a gel like or semi solid state of blood formed by the platelets and fibrin to stop bleeding. It is an important process as it prevents from loosing more blood due to injuries.

The blood clots also form inside the veins which don’t dissolve normally. The blood clot can happen in any part of the body which may cause heart attack, abdominal pain, swelling, stroke, chest pain, etc. It will become life threatening if proper attention is not given to it.

Why is it done?

The PT INR test is normally done at regular intervals to monitor the effect of warfarin- anticoagulant drug. The test is also done when the following symptoms are seen in the patient

  1. Blood in urine
  2. Bleeding gums
  3. Swelling or pain in joints
  4. Bleeding in nose
  5. Chronic medical condition eg: liver disease

The PT INR test is also done prior to surgery where there is a risk of increased blood loss.

Medical conditions diagnosed using PT INR test.
Uses of PT INR Test.

How to prepare for the test?

The test does not require any special preparation. But you might have to avoid certain foods prior to the test which will be informed by your doctor. If you are on warfarin drug, you should take the test before taking your dose.

How is it done?

The Prothrombin Time (PT) test is done on the blood sample. The procedure is similar to any other blood test. A nurse will put a tight elastic band around your arm to make the veins visible.

A disinfectant liquid is used to sanitize the area from where the blood is drawn. The needle will be injected into the vein to draw the blood sample. Then you will be asked to put pressure on the area from where to blood is drawn to stop bleeding.

What does the result interpret?

The test result shows the amount of time taken for the blood to clot. The Prothrombin Time test looks for the five factors (factor I, II, V, VII and X) that should be present for the blood to clot. If the time taken is longer than the normal then proper attention should be given to it.

The abnormality in the prothrombin time may be a sign of following conditions

  1. Liver disease or injury
  2. Lack of Vitamin K
  3. Absence or low blood clotting factors
  4. Bleeding diorder

The PT INR test is just a screening test to detect the abnormal prothrombin time. It cannot be used for the diagnostic purpose. Your doctor may ask you to take other tests such as PTT test, platelet count, thrombin time test, liver function test, etc if the prothrombin time is abnormal.

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