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Lowest PFT test cost in India!
Lowest PFT test cost in India!

Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) is done to examine the functioning of the lungs. It is performed to check your breathing and how effective are the lungs to carry oxygen throughout the body.

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PFT Test Cost in India and Lab Details

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 PFT Test Cost Price Starting From
PFT Test Price in Delhi₹700
PFT Test Price in Gurgaon₹510
PFT Test Price in Bangalore₹425
PFT Test Price in Mumbai₹720
PFT Test Price in Chennai₹580
PFT Test Price in Hyderabad₹300
PFT Test Price in Other Indian Cities₹300
PFT Test Price in India through Labsadvisor!
PFT Test Price in India through Labsadvisor!

Frequently Asked Questions About PFT Test

What is the (PFT) Pulmonary Function Test?

Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) is done to examine the functioning of the lungs.  It is done to examine your breathing and how effective are the lungs to carry oxygen throughout the body.

PFT helps to diagnose various medical conditions such as asthma, allergies, infection in the respiratory system, pulmonary tumor, lung cancer, chest wall muscle weakness, etc.

Why is the PFT Test Done?

Generally, PFT is done to determine how well the lungs are functioning. It is also done to monitor the ongoing treatment for various lung conditions.

Your doctor may ask you to take the Pulmonary Function Test in the following cases

  • If you show symptoms of lung problems
  • To monitor lung conditions such as asthma, COPD, etc
  • To examine the functioning of lungs before surgery.

What are the Risks Involved in PFT?

The PFT test may cause complications to those patients who had

  • Recently undergone surgery in eyes, heart, and abdomen
  • Heart attack recently
  • Infection in the respiratory system
  • Heart disease

You may also feel dizzy because of quick breathing. There are chances of having an asthma attack if you have asthma. It may also sometimes collapse your lungs.

Preparation Required for PFT Test

You may be asked to avoid taking certain medications that help to open your airways before the test. It is advised to consult with your doctor regarding the intake of medications prior to the test.

You should avoid having a large meal before the test. This may affect the test as it restricts the lungs from inhaling to their full limit.

On the other hand, the intake of foods and beverages containing caffeine makes your airways more open. This will impact the test results.

Also, avoid smoking and exercise a few hours before the test.

Tight clothes may affect your breathing. So it is recommended to wear loose clothing during the test.

If you have undergone surgery in the eye, chest, or abdomen recently, you may have to delay the test till you are fully recovered.

Pulmonary Function Test helps to examine the lung function.
Pulmonary Function Test.

The Procedure of Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)

There are three methods in which the pulmonary function can be done. They are spirometry, plethysmography, and diffusion capacity test.


Spirometry is a special device that measures the amount of air that you breathe in and out. A mouthpiece will be used to determine the amount of air that you breathe.

The technologist will instruct you on how to breathe. You may be asked to take some medication that will open your airways to see the impact of how it affects your lungs.


This test measures the capacity of your lungs. You will be asked to stand in a small booth and breathe through the mouthpiece. Your doctor will measure the volume of air inhaled by the lungs.

Diffusion Capacity

It examines the air sacks called alveoli present inside the lungs. You will be asked to inhale oxygen, helium, or carbon dioxide.

You will also be asked to inhale tracer gas which helps to detect when you breathe that gas out. It helps to examine how well the lungs are able to dissolve oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide in the bloodstream.

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