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TVS Test Cost

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 Cost of Ultrasound TVS in Delhi  ₹ 700
 Cost of Ultrasound TVS in Noida  ₹ 640
 Cost of Ultrasound TVS in Gurgaon  ₹ 595
 Cost of Ultrasound TVS in Bangalore  ₹ 638
 Cost of Ultrasound TVS in Mumbai  ₹ 900
 Cost of Ultrasound TVS in Pune  ₹ 1,275
 Cost of Ultrasound TVS in Chennai  ₹ 810
 Cost of Ultrasound TVS in Hyderabad  ₹ 1,140
 Cost of Ultrasound TVS in other cities  ₹ 595

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Lowest ultrasound tvs test cost in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc.
Ultrasound Tvs Test Price.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tvs Ultrasound

What is an Ultrasound Transvaginal Scan?

Ultrasound TVS or Transvaginal ultrasound is an imaging procedure that helps the doctor to check a woman’s reproductive organs during pregnancy. It is generally recommended in the first two months of pregnancy and it basically determines the occurring issues in Fallopian tubes, cervix, vagina, and uterus. It helps to gain other information as well, such as early confirmation of pregnancy or number of babies.

Basically Transvaginal means through the vagina. The procedure differs from other normal Ultrasounds. The process involves an insertion of a medical device (transducer) through mother’s vaginal canal to look for the condition of the embryo in the womb.

It can also be called as Ultrasound TVS, USG TVS, USG Transvaginal; or Endovaginal Ultrasound.

Applications of ultrasound Tvs test during pregnancy.
Uses of Tvs Ultrasound Scan.

Who is recommended for an Ultrasound Transvaginal Scan?

A Transvaginal ultrasound is recommended to the woman who may have:

  • History of miscarriage
  • Abnormal abdominal pain
  • Unexplained pelvic pain
  • History of infertility
  • Abnormalities in the placenta, cervix or ovaries
  • Risk of cancer
  • Chances of a deformed fetus or twisted ovary
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Ectopic pregnancy (when the fertilized egg implants outside the uterus).

Does TVS Ultrasound need any preparation?

  • You may be asked to have a full bladder or empty bladder during the test. Your doctor will be in the right position to instruct you according to the nature of your pregnancy.
  • Check for a lady radiologist in the lab, if you are not comfortable with a male technician.
  • Preferably wear loose and comfortable clothes in a pair- a lower and a shirt or kurta separately, as your radiologist will ask you to lift your kurta or lower your waistband. Avoid wearing a full-length dress.
  • Leave your metallic ornaments and valuables behind, before entering the sonographic room as you will not be allowed to carry them with you.
  • Do not apply any ointment or cosmetic on your lower abdominal area.

How is an Ultrasound Transvaginal Scan performed?

During the test, your doctor will make you lie down on your back on a table and will ask to bend your knees in such a way that will help them to do your medical examination easily and quick. If you don’t feel comfortable during the test you can inform your radiologist to ease things for you.

An ultrasound transducer (sleek and long) is attached to the machine that will be inserted into your vagina to examine your internal organs. Then the transducer is covered with a sterilized condom and a special lubricating gel to make the movement of the device easy. It helps to slide the device into your vagina without any discomfort.

The insertion of the transducer into the vagina allows the technician to get a closer and clearer view of the pelvic structures, and it produces a very high quality and clear images.

Make sure to inform your doctor, if you are allergic to latex, they will surely offer you a substitute for it. A camera is attached to the transducer that captures pictures and sound waves and transfers it on the monitor in front of you.

The whole process of Ultrasound TVS takes less than an hour. The procedure is performed non-invasively in a sonographic room.

Given the nature of this test, you may specifically request for a lady radiologist or technician to do the test. Through LabsAdvisor.com you can check if the lab you are choosing has a lady radiologist. It is important to recheck with the lab as sometimes, the lady technician or radiologist who does the scan is available only for a certain during of the day. Also, it is very important to ensure that all hygiene standards are taken care of.

Image of doctor performing ultrasound Tvs.
Procedure of Tvs ultrasound test.

What are the possible interpretations of the Ultrasound Transvaginal Scan?

Generally, reports are available in a day or two. Ask your concerned doctor to interpret your results thoroughly.

A normal report shows images of a healthy fetus. It will also give information about the nearest appearing structures like placenta or amniotic fluid. The doctor will explain you about other obligatory tests that you may require in the next phase of your pregnancy.

Abnormal reports may show some different patterns that may indicate an unhealthy fetus. The baby can have any birth defect, poor growth or a wrong position. An abnormal Ultrasound TVS report also give information about problems with ovaries and other pelvic structures, less or excess amount of amniotic acid, the presence of a tumor, and multiple fetuses.

Are there any risk factors for Ultrasound TVS?

No, there are no known risks factors or side effects of Ultrasound TVs. There is no use of radiation during the process that makes it completely safe for the mother and the fetus.

It is not even painful, though you may feel a slight pressure in your pelvic region if you have any injury or inflammation. There can be some vaginal discharge of the lubricating gel used during the test that should diminish within 24 hours after the test.

What is Trans-abdominal Ultrasound Scan?

Trans-abdominal ultrasound somehow evaluates the same information as Trans-vaginal Ultrasound. But it is performed differently.

Trans-abdominal Ultrasound allows the doctor to produce images of the baby without inserting the transducer into the mother’s vagina. Instead, the transducer is moved on the belly of the mother while producing real-time images of the fetus. 

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