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Triple Marker Test Price in Mumbai₹ 2,360
Triple Marker Test Price in Pune₹ 2,360
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Triple Marker Test Price.

Frequently Asked Questions About Triple Marker Test

What is Triple Marker Test in Pregnancy?

The Triple Marker Test in pregnancy is a screening test done to examine the health of the child in womb. The multiple marker or afp marker is the other name for triple marker test. The triple marker test is a blood test which measures the  level of HCG, Alpha Fetoprotein and Estriol in the blood.

This test is mainly done to analyze genetic disorders like Down Syndrome in the unborn baby. It is also done to depict any increased risk in the pregnancy.

Why is it done?

The triple marker test is normally done between the 15th and 20th week of pregnancy. This test detects the complications in the fetus. It is mostly recommended to those

  • who are above 35 years of age
  • having diabetics
  • with family history of birth defects
  • who had viral infection in pregnancy
  • women exposed to radiation in the past
Medical conditions diagnosed using Triple Marker Test.
Uses of Triple Marker Test.

What are the benefits of Triple Marker Test?

Any potential complications associated with pregnancy can detected at an early stage with the help of triple marker test. It also helps to detect the presence of multiple fetus. This helps the parents to prepare for the birth.

How to prepare for the test?

The Triple Marker Test does not require any special preparation. You can have your normal diet prior to the test and carry on your regular activities prior to the test.

How is it done?

The Triple Marker Test is similar to the normal blood test. The technician will put a tightening device around your arm to make the vein easily accessible. Then the technician will clean the skin with a disinfectant liquid. A needle is then inserted in the vein to draw the blood. The blood is sent to the laboratory to carry on the test.

What are the risks involved?

The triple marker test is similar to a normal blood test. It has no possible side effects. But you may experience a slight discomfort due to the needle inserted in the vein.

What does the results mean?

The blood sample measures the level of AFP, HCG and Estirol in the blood.

AFPIt is a protein produced by the fetus. The high level of protein indicate the defects in neural tube or abdomen of fetus.

HCG – HCG is a hormone produced by the placenta. The low level of HCG may indicate the problems associated with pregnancy. If the hormone level is high, then it may result in moral or multiple pregnancy.

Estirol – It is an estrogen which comes from both the placenta and fetus. The baby will be at high risk of Down Syndrome if the estirol level is low.

The abnormality in the level of the AFP, HCG and Estirol may result in

  • Neural tube defects
  • Multiple infants
  • Pregnancy may be longer or shorter than expected

It may also indicate the possibility of Down Syndrome or Edward Syndrome. The Down Syndrome may cause learning disabilities in the child. In case of Edward Syndrome, the baby may develop extensive medical complications. It is life threatening and only 50% of fetus survive Edward Syndrome.

The result of the triple marker test is interpreted only after considering the following factors

  • Weight of the mother
  • Mother’s age
  • Ethnicity of mother
  • Presence of diabetes
  • Multiple pregnancy
  • Pregnancy period

If your doctor finds it appropriate, you will be asked to take additional test to detect abnormalities.

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