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Ultrasound scan cost in Chennai

Ultrasound scan cost in Chennai can range between ₹425 and ₹2800 depending on the lab and your study. However, you can avail of an exclusive discount of up to 50% in any lab you choose.

Here is the list of the lowest ultrasound scan cost in Chennai offered by the different labs.

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Ultrasound StudyPrices Starting From
Ultrasound Biophysical Profile Price in Chennai₹1800
Ultrasound Breast Both Price in Chennai₹1275
Ultrasound Breast Single Price in Chennai₹810
Ultrasound Fetal Echo Price in Chennai₹1665
Ultrasound Chest Price in Chennai₹1700
Ultrasound Fetal Growth Scan Price in Chennai₹1320
Ultrasound Lower Abdomen Scan Price in Chennai₹850
Ultrasound Upper Abdomen Scan Price in Chennai₹850
Ultrasound Whole Abdomen Scan Price in Chennai₹950
Ultrasound TVs Scan Price in Chennai₹1125
Ultrasound Pelvis Scan Price in Chennai₹810
Ultrasound Obstetrics Scan Price in Chennai₹900
Ultrasound Obstetrics Level 1 Scan Price in Chennai₹810
Ultrasound Follicular Study Single Visit Scan Price in Chennai₹425
Ultrasound Follicular Study Multiple Visit Scan Price in Chennai₹1275
Ultrasound Guided Fnac Scan Price in Chennai₹2475
Ultrasound Kub Scan Price in Chennai₹880
Ultrasound Kub with Pvr Scan Price in Chennai₹850
Ultrasound Neck Scan Price in Chennai₹1170
Ultrasound Scrotum Scan Price in Chennai₹1760
Ultrasound Single Shoulder Scan Price in Chennai₹1620
Ultrasound Thyroid Scan Price in Chennai₹1408
Ultrasound Tigh Scan Price in Chennai₹1125
Ultrasound Trus Scan Price in Chennai₹1800
Ultrasound Level 2 Scan Price in Chennai₹1700
Ultrasound Hip Scan Price in Chennai₹1620
Ultrasound Knee Scan Price in Chennai₹1575
Ultrasound NT Scan Price in Chennai₹1500

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What is an ultrasound scan?

Different Different Ultrasound Scan Studies.
Different Different Ultrasound Scan Studies.

Ultrasound scan (referred to as USG in short) or Sonography, is a diagnostic test where sound waves are used to check the functioning of body organs. It is commonly used to check the status of the fetus during pregnancy. It gives the first picture of an unborn child to her mother.

The ultrasound helps your doctor to get a detailed image of your body. It is similar to that of technology used in the military to detect planes and ships. The ultrasound helps in further diagnosis.

What are the types of ultrasound Scan?

The Ultrasound Scan can be done on any part of our body to visualize our internal organs. The different types of Ultrasound Scan done are

Abdominal Ultrasound Scan: It is done to examine the internal organs such as liver, gallbladder, pancreas, Kidney, etc.

Pelvic Ultrasound Scan: Uterus and ovaries are examined during pregnancy to monitor the health of fetus.

Transabdominal Ultrasound Scan: The full urinary bladder is examined with the help of Transabdominal Ultrasound Scan.

Transvaginal Ultrasound Scan: The transducer is inserted in the vagina to get a clear image of the uterus and ovaries.

Obstetric Ultrasound Scan: This is done during the pregnancy to know the health and monitor the fetus. It should be done only if the doctor suggest it.

Why is an ultrasound scan done?

Ultrasound Scan Uses.
Ultrasound Scan Uses.

An ultrasound scan is a non-invasive imaging technique. It is done to detect and diagnose various abnormalities such as

  • Digestive problems
  • Unexplained pain in abdomen
  • Tumors
  • Cysts
  • Gallstones
  • Abnormalities in pregnancy
  • Blockage in blood vessels

It is commonly used to examine the health of the fetus during pregnancy.

How should I prepare for the procedure?

Generally, there are no special preparations required for the procedure. You can have your normal diet and carry on regular activities before the procedure.

How is the ultrasound scan done?

Before the ultrasound scan, you will be asked to change to a gown provided by the lab. The body part in which the ultrasound test is conducted will be exposed throughout the scan. A warm water based gel will be applied to the part of the body which is to be examined. It is applied to avoid any friction a transducer is rubbed against your skin.

The ultrasound transducer is a device which sends sound waves into the body and receives echo waves from it. The waves echoes when they hit any dense object. The echoes received will be sent to the computer which turns them into a real time image.

The whole procedure usually takes 30 minutes from the beginning to the end.

Are there any risk in ultrasound scan?

The ultrasound scan is a non-invasive technique to visualize the internal organs of our body. The sound waves which are sent into our body are harmless. It is a safe procedure to get the picture of our internal organs. It is widely used in pregnancy to view condition of the baby.

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