Updated, Ultrasound Scan Cost in Chennai – Book Now and Avail Discounted Prices

Ultrasound Scan Cost in Chennai/ USG Cost in Chennai / Sonography Cost in Chennai

In the below given table, we have listed the cost of different kinds of ultrasound scans available at LabsAdvisor.com. You can click on the links to book your usg test now.

Click on Cost of Ultrasound Scan name to know latest cost LabsAdvisor Minimum Cost of USG
Cost of Ultrasound Whole Abdomen in Chennai ₹ 850
Cost of Ultrasound Obstetrics in Chennai ₹ 1,056
Cost of Ultrasound Breast Both in Chennai ₹ 1,275
Cost of Ultrasound Follicular Study Single Visit in Chennai ₹ 1,020
Cost of Ultrasound Thyroid in Chennai ₹ 1,275
Cost of Ultrasound Chest in Chennai ₹ 1,700
Cost of Ultrasound Nt Scan in Chennai ₹ 1,020
Cost of Ultrasound Pelvis in Chennai ₹ 765

If the cost of ultrasound scan that you want is not listed above, call us on 09811166231. We will let you know the cost and book the ultrasound for you immediately.

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What is ultrasound scan?

Ultrasound scan (referred to as USG in short) or Sonography, is a diagnostic test where sound waves are used to check the functioning of some body organs or to check the status of the fetus in a pregnant lady. The sound waves are harmless and hence this procedure is used for various purposes including checking how the baby is growing inside the mother’s body.

You will need to go to the laboratory or a hospital for your ultrasound test. LabsAdvisor.com, India’s largest diagnostic test platform can help you choose a good quality lab and get you discounts on the market rates. You can now download our app from play store for android phones and book any diagnostic test within seconds.

How can in book my Ultrasound Scan in Chennai ?

You may click on the links given in the above table to know the cost of Ultrasound Scan and book your test online. You can also download our Android App to make the booking. The app is called LabsAdvisor. If you will like to speak to our customer service agent to book now, call 09811166231. If you will like a call back, please fill out the form given below. If you need more information, you may send an email to info@labsadvisor.com.

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