50% Off on Ultrasound Scan Cost in Mysore – From ₹510 Only

Lowest USG / Ultrasound Cost in Mysore!
Lowest USG / Ultrasound Cost in Mysore!

An ultrasound scan is also referred to as USG or Sonography. Ultrasound, an imaging technique, with the help of sound waves the functioning of the body organs is examined.

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Ultrasound scan cost in Mysore and lab details

Here is the list of the lowest ultrasound scan cost in Mysore offered by the different labs.

Note: The prices mentioned in the table below may vary from the actual price. Click on the links or call us on 09811166231 to know the updated ultrasound scan cost in Mysore and lab details.

USG Scan in MysorePrices Starting From
Ultrasound whole abdomen price in Mysore₹850
Ultrasound obstetric price in Mysore₹850
Ultrasound biophysical profile price in Mysore₹1275
Ultrasound single breast price in Mysore₹510
Ultrasound lower abdomen price in Mysore₹765
Ultrasound neck price in Mysore₹1530
Ultrasound scrotum price in Mysore₹1530
Ultrasound thyroid price in Mysore₹1530
Ultrasound Tvs price in Mysore₹1020
Ultrasound KUB price in Mysore₹850
Ultrasound level 2 price in Mysore₹2125
Ultrasound knee price in Mysore₹1360
Ultrasound leg price in Mysore₹1360
Ultrasound NT price in Mysore₹1275
Ultrasound trus price in Mysore₹1700
Ultrasound pelvis price in Mysore₹765
Ultrasound fetal echo price in Mysore₹1700
Ultrasound fetal growth price in Mysore₹1275
Ultrasound obstetrics level 1 price in Mysore₹850
Ultrasound Upper Abdomen price in Mysore₹850
Ultrasound KUB with Pvr price in Mysore₹1620
Ultrasound single shoulder price in Mysore₹1360
Ultrasound hip price in Mysore₹1360

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Brief about ultrasound scan:

An ultrasound scan is also referred to as USG or Sonography. Ultrasound, an imaging technique, with the help of sound waves the functioning of the body organs is examined. It also helps to examine the conditions of the baby during pregnancy. Ultrasound scan assists to locate and diagnose various conditions such as cysts, cancer, abnormalities in the pregnancy, gallstones, digestive problems, and blockage in the blood vessels.

Ultrasound Scan in Mysore!
Ultrasound Scan in Mysore!

Why is an ultrasound scan performed?

Ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging technique to examine the internal parts of the body to detect and diagnose various abnormalities such as swelling or pain and other medical disorders. It is generally done to diagnose the following body parts

  • Uterus
  • Abdomen
  • Brain in Infants
  • Bladder
  • Kidney
  • Liver
  • Blood Vessels
  • Eyes
  • Pancreas
  • Ovaries
  • Spleen
  • Thyroid

Preparation for an ultrasound scan:

The preparations vary depending on the body part that is examined. For example, you will be asked to fast for a minimum of 8 hours for an ultrasound abdomen as the food molecules may block the sound waves and do not show a complete image. 

For the bladder examination, you will be asked to drink more water and hold urine till the procedure is completed. It is done to obtain detailed information.

It is recommended to consult with the doctor before the ultrasound study procedure.

How is the Ultrasound scan performed?

High-frequency sound waves are used in an Ultrasound scan to acquire images of our internal organs. A device called a transducer will be used to send the sound waves into our bodies. The transducer gathers the echoes that come back after hitting the organs and transfer them to a special computer to process into images.

A lubricating gel will be applied to that body part by a radiologist to avoid friction while rubbing the transducer against the skin. Real-time images can be seen on a computer screen.

The entire procedure takes around 30 minutes.

Threats involved in an ultrasound scan?

Ultrasound scan is safe as compared to other imaging techniques that use radiation and strong magnetic pulses to process into images. There is no risk involved during the scan.

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