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Frequently Asked Questions About VDRL Test

What is Syphilis?

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by bacteria called as Treponema Palladium. Syphilis is known as Portuguese disease or firangi rog in India. It is believed that the disease reached India from Europe in the 16th century.

It became widespread during world war II and reached to its peak soon. Because of poor diagnosis and absence of treatment, the disease became life threatening. With the advent of penicillin this sexually transmitted disease became curable and hence got under control.

It is very important to be screened for syphilis as syphilis is curable but if left untreated can cause damage to internal organs like brain and heart. It may cause blindness and unfortunately in some cases death.

Effective management of any STD rests on three pillars of right diagnosis, prevention and proper treatment.

How is Syphilis Spread?

Syphilis can be spread by:

Sexual Contact: One can get syphilis through direct skin contact with someone who has active syphilis ulcer (sore) on his body. Since the ulcer can be on or in the mouth, deep kissing can also cause syphilis. You cannot get syphilis by sharing room, furniture or utensils with the infected person.

Blood Transfusion: Syphilis can also be transmitted through infected blood. Drug users who share the needle for injecting drugs are at a high risk of acquiring the infection.

Congenital Transmission: If you have Syphilis and get pregnant, you can pass the disease to your unborn baby. Infection in foetus can be severe, disabling and often life threatening. That is the reason, a routine blood test for syphilis is included in pre-natal tests.

What are The Symptom of Syphilis?

Symptoms of primary stage Syphilis is typically a small painless ulcer at the site where germ enters the body. The ulcer can be at the genitals or at the back of anus. Sometimes, the ulcer can be inside or around the mouth. If primary ulcer is not treated the germs may spread to other parts of the body leading to second stage syphilis.

The symptoms of this stage include fever,rash, fatigue, sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. These symptoms are very similar other diseases, so it becomes difficult to diagnose the disease without a blood test. If left untreated, the disease can slowly progress to tertiary phase. Tertiary syphilis can result in brain, heart disorder or blindness.

How Can You Minimize the Risk of Getting Syphilis?

You can prevent yourself from syphilis by practising safe sex. If you think your partner is infected with the disease refrain from intimate contact and get him/her tested for the disease. You can get re-infected even if you had Syphilis and were fully cured. Never use already used syringes. They should be safely disposed of.

Risk of having Syphilis.
Risk of Syphilis.

How Can Syphilis be Diagnosed?

Diagnosing syphilis on the basis of symptoms only is very difficult as the symptoms imitate those from other diseases. A blood test is a sure shot way of diagnosing the disease. There are three blood tests generally done: VDRL, RPR and FTA-ABS.

All patients diagnosed with syphilis must be tested for HIV and those having follow-up for HIV must have regular screening for syphilis.

What is a VDRL Test?

A VDRL (venereal disease research laboratory) test is a screening test for syphilis. When your body comes in contact with syphilis causing bacteria, it starts producing antibodies in order to fight with the bacteria. . The VDRL test measures these antibodies to confirm the presence of the disease.

How is The VDRL Done?

Generally, blood is drawn from the crease of your elbow or back of your hand and sent to the laboratory for testing. You need not fast or stop taking your regular medicine for the test. The test does is very simple and does not involve any risk. A mild pain may be felt.

What Does the VDRL Test Result Mean?

If your test result comes negative, it means that you do not have the disease.

If your test result shows positive, it means that you may have syphilis. the doctor will recommend a more specific test to confirm the disease. This test will check whether your body’s immune system has produced specific antibodies in response to the syphilis causing bacteria.

How Accurate are VDRL Test Results?

There is a potential for false positive or false negative result.

You may have a false-negative result if you have the disease for less than three months and your body takes long to produce antibodies. In some cases, the body may not produce the antibodies at all even being infected with the disease. The test may also be inaccurate in late-stage syphilis.

You may get false positive result if you any of the following disease:

  • HIV
  • Lyme disease
  • malaria
  • pneumonia (certain types only)
  • systemic lupus erythematosus
  • IV drug use
  • Tuberculosis

The antibodies in your body can stay even after you have been treated for the disease. Thus, you can test false positive even if you are totally cured for the disease.

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