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HRCT Chest / Thorax Price & Labs

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HRCT Chest Price in Delhi ₹ 2,700
HRCT Chest Price in Noida ₹ 2,720
HRCT Chest Price in Gurgaon ₹ 2,800
HRCT Chest Price in Bangalore ₹ 2,400
HRCT Chest Price in Mumbai ₹ 2,400
HRCT Chest Price in Chennai ₹ 3,960
HRCT Chest Price in Hyderabad ₹ 3,500
HRCT Chest Price in other cities ₹ 2,700

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View HRCT chest price & CECT chest price in all the best labs and book appointment on LabsAdvisor.
View HRCT chest price & CECT chest price in the best labs.

Frequently Asked Questions About HRCT Chest or Thorax

What is a CT Scan?

CT Scan or Computed Tomography is a type of advanced x-ray procedure. Unlike the normal x-ray, CT Scan uses multiple x-ray beams to create a detailed, almost 3D like an image of body parts.

To know more about CT Scans, you may check our Complete guide to CT Scans in India here.

CT Scan of Chest, also called CT Scan Thorax, concentrates on lungs and is used for identification of various lungs related disorders. Since Chest CT Scan gives very detailed images of lungs, it is able to diagnose lung cancer at early stages.

Applications of CT scan to diagnose complications in chest or thorax.
Uses of CT Scan.

Why is a CT Scan Chest or CT Scan Thorax prescribed?

Chest CT Scan provides detailed images of lungs and is hence used in the following cases:

  • Analysis of abnormalities found in chest x-ray
  • Detection of lung cancer or lung tumors
  • Monitoring impact of lung cancer drugs on cancer
  • Detection of blood clots or other internal injuries
  • To guide surgery or other procedures of lungs

What are various types of CT Scan Chest procedures?

CT Scan Chest or CT Scan Thorax: Normal chest CT Scan which takes anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

CT Scan Chest with Contrast / CECT Chest / CECT Thorax: Sometimes, the doctors recommend a CT Scan with contrast or CECT (Contrast Enhanced Computed Tomography) Scan.

This procedure is supposed to give better images of certain areas of lungs as compared to the normal CT Chest. A radioactive substance is given to the patient either orally or through injection before the test.

This substance is absorbed by the body and interacts with the CT Scan to give vivid images during the scan.

After taking the radioactive substance, the patient is supposed to wait for 30 minutes before the scan begins. The labs will also test serum creatinine (a kidney test) and uric acid before they give you the contrast agent.

Abnormal kidney or uric acid tests will impact whether contrast agent can be given to you or not. You may be allowed to take your recent serum creatinine test and uric acid test results with you to the lab.

Some labs may insist that these tests be done with them. So overall, this CECT Chest Scan may take anywhere from an hour to three hours.  Read more about CECT Scan in India

HRCT Chest: Also, known as high-resolution CT Chest, this scan produces extremely high-definition images of lungs. In some cases like suspected industrial lung disease, HRCT Chest is better than normal CT Scan Chest.

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