Why to pay more for medical tests? Compare and then decide

We at LabsAdvisor.com are passionate about bringing the best quality testing to you at reasonable pricing. We understand that quality is paramount when our health is at stake. But why should we pay more for doctor commissions and sometimes unnecessary brand premiums.

We did a sample comparison where we looked at the MRP of some selected tests (MRI Scan, Dexa Scan, PET Scan, Vitamin D among others) at a few leading labs or hospitals. We compared those rates with the minimum rate we are offering on our portal at a certified lab. The difference is immense. Have a look.

Comparison of Medical Test Rates in Delhi by LabsAdvisor

We believe that some labs do deserve premium pricing because of superior processes and high quality customer service. But the price difference is astounding. We encourage you to make your own choice – we are making medical testing in India transparent for you.

To know more about how we work or to know the cost of any test in your area, visit labsadvisor.com or call 09811166231.

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