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Frequently Asked Questions About Estrogen Test

What is an Estrogen Test?

An Estrogen Test is done to check the level of estrogen hormones present in male and female. Estrogen is basically responsible for the sexual and reproductive development (mainly in women). The test measures the three different components of estrogenic hormones:

  • Estrone (E1)
  • Estradiol (E2)
  • Estriol (E3)

Women have follicles on their ovaries that produce estrogen hormones while the male anatomy lack this organ, hence their body transforms testosterone into estrogens with the help of enzymes. Estrogen test helps to detect any abnormality in the growing children (puberty). It can even check for concerns about fertility, menopause and many other hormonal conditions in men and women.

What is an Estradiol (E2) Test?

An Estradiol test is the most common blood test suggested by the doctors to check the amount of estradiol in the serum (blood). It is the second form of an estrogenic hormone that helps in the development of female reproductive organs such as ovaries, breast, vagina and adrenal glands. During the pregnancy phase of a woman, placenta simulates to produce estradiol. However, it plays a major role throughout the menstruation cycle and drops functioning to a low level after the menopause in a woman’s life.

Estrone and estradiol are two major biologically active estrogens in the human body. In men, estradiol has less significance in their sexual functioning and development. They produce a moderate amount of E2 in the testes throughout their life.

It’s also called an E2 test or 17 beta-estradiol.

What is an Estriol (E3) Test?

Estriol E3 Total test is a blood-based test done to measure the levels of estriol out of the three secreted estrogenic hormones. It is done to confirm the reason behind the pregnancy irregularities and to maintain the health of the fetus during pregnancy. Estriol levels in the blood keep rising till the delivery of the baby.

Estriol is produced by the placenta (tissue that links the fetus to the mother) in a very large amount during pregnancy. It helps to screen disorders like Down syndrome and Trisomy 18 in the unborn baby.

This test is also known as Estriol 3 or Estriol E3 Total test.

What is the normal range for Estradiol (E2) Test and Estriol (E3) Test?

Estradiol (E2): The normal range for Estradiol varies in menstruating and non-menstruating women. The reference value for menstruating women varies between 15 to 350 picograms per milliliter (pg/mL). Whereas, the normal levels for menopausal women should be 10 – 40pg/ml.

The normal Estradiol Levels in men are somewhere between 20–55 pg/mL (2.0–5.5 ng/dL) and 10-40 pg/mL (1.0-4.0 ng/dL) throughout their life.

Estriol (E3): The reference range for E3 or Estriol in male is < 0.18 ng/ml and <0.21 ng/ml for female. The range is different if a woman is pregnant, it can be <14.60ng/ml, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy (29th-40th week).

What is the procedure of Estradiol (E2) Test and Estriol (E3) Test?

Estriol and Estradiol are blood-based analyze test. There is no required preparation for the test.

Prefer to wear a half or loose sleeved kurta or shirt. As your technician will ask you to expose a part of your inner elbow. Then the technician will draw a sample of blood from your vein and collect it in a test tube. The labeled tube is forwarded to a certified lab to determine the estrogen level in your blood.

Make sure you inform your doctor beforehand if you are taking any birth control pill, any other medication or drug. Let them know if you are menstruating or expecting a baby.

Who is recommended for Estradiol (E2) Test and Estriol (E3) Test?

Estradiol (E2): An Estradiol test checks how well your ovaries are working. It mainly looks for the reason of any bloating or swelling in the abdomen, sudden change in the appetite, continuous pain in the pelvic region, weight loss, frequent urination, irregular menstrual pattern, abnormal vaginal bleeding or infertility in women.

This test is recommended for boys or men in order to diagnose the reason for delayed puberty or abnormal signs of feminization such as enlarged breasts.

Estradiol (E3): This test is recommended for women to help find fetal birth defects, check for estrogen-producing tumors in the ovaries, monitor treatment for abnormal fertility.

What are the possible interpretations of Estradiol (E2) Test and Estriol (E3) Test?

The result is generally available within 24 hours after the test.

Estradiol (E2)If your Estradiol levels show higher than normal values then it may indicate early puberty, abnormal size of breast in women or enlarged breast in men, liver inflammation, present tumor in the ovary or testes or thyroid hormonal imbalance.

If your results show a lower level of estradiol in the blood then it may be a sign of menopause, ovarian failure, infertility, low body fat, reduction in the production of hormones in ovaries and testes.

In women, decreased levels of estrogen are found when a woman has underdeveloped female sex characteristics, Low level of pituitary hormones, dysfunctioned ovaries, failing pregnancy, menopause.

Estriol (E3): Estrogen levels are easily affected by high blood pressure, anemia, and damaged liver and kidney dysfunction. Pregnant women are suggested to have this test done as their placenta produces a huge amount of estriol during the phase. And Estriol (E3) test helps to track the level of secreted hormone.

A decrease of Estriol E3 in serum indicates the probability of fetal distress, Chromosomal abnormalities, Fetal anencephaly (underdeveloped fetus), Fetal death, Molar pregnancy (abnormal tissue growth within the uterus), Placental sulphatase deficiency, or high cholesterol level in the unborn fetus.

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