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CT Scan Cost in Noida

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CT Scan Brain Price in Noida₹ 1,200
CT Scan Chest Price in Noida₹ 2,500
CT Scan Hand Price in Noida₹ 2,950
CT Scan Brain Contrast Price in Noida₹ 2,250
CT Scan 3D Reconstruction Price₹ 1,000
CT Scan Abdomen Angiography Price₹ 5,450
CT Scan Abdomen Angiography Dual Phase Price₹ 9,600
CT Scan Abdomen Dual Phase Price₹ 4,500
CT Scan Abdomen Triple Phase Price₹ 6,750
CT Scan Angiography Chest Price₹ 5,450
CT Scan Ankle Price₹ 2,950
CT Scan Ankle Contrast Price₹ 3,995
CT Scan Aortic Angiography Price₹ 7,000
CT Scan Brain Angiography Price₹ 5,600
CT Scan Brain with Orbit Price₹ 2,100
CT Scan Brain with Perfusion Price₹ 1,750
CT Scan Bronchoscopy Price₹ 5,250
CT Scan Carotid Angiography Price₹ 6,800
CT Scan Chest Contrast Price₹ 3,800
CT Scan Chest with Abdomen Price₹ 8,550
CT Scan Chest with Upper Abdomen Contrast Price₹ 7,500
CT Scan Cisternography Price₹ 4,800
CT Scan Colonoscopy Price₹ 5,250
CT Coronary Angiography  / CT Angiography of Heart Price₹ 9,250
CT Scan CV Junction Price₹ 2,100
CT Scan Dental Price₹ 1,600
CT Scan Enteroclysis Price₹ 5,000
CT Scan Enterography Price₹ 5,000
CT Scan Face Price₹ 2,100
CT Scan Foot Price₹ 2,100
CT Scan Foot Contrast Price₹ 3,220
CT Scan Guided Biopsy Price₹ 3,825
CT Scan Guided FNAC Price₹ 2,400
CT Scan Hand Contrast Price₹ 3,220
CT Scan Hip Joint Price₹ 2,950
CT Scan Hip Joint with Contrast Price₹ 4,100
CT Scan KUB Price₹ 2,500
CT Scan KUB Contrast Price₹ 3,800
CT Scan Leg Price₹ 2,100
CT Scan Lower Abdomen Price₹ 2,950
CT Scan Lower Abdomen Contrast Price₹ 3,950
CT Scan Lower Limb Angiography Price₹ 7,000
CT Scan Mandible Price₹ 1,680
CT Scan Musculoskeletal Price₹ 2,400
CT Scan Nasopharynx Price₹ 3,800
CT Scan Neck Price₹ 2,310
CT Scan Neck Contrast Price₹ 3,950
CT Scan Neck with Chest Price₹ 4,275
CT Scan Neck with Chest Contrast Price₹ 5,275
CT Scan Orbit Price₹ 1,900
CT Scan Orbit Axial Price₹ 1,400
CT Scan Orbit Contrast Price₹ 3,150
CT Scan Orbit Coronal Price₹ 1,500
CT Scan Pelvis Price₹ 2,400
CT Scan Pelvis Contrast Price₹ 3,950
CT Scan Pituitary Price₹ 1,850
CT Scan PNS Axial Price₹ 1,500
CT Scan PNS Axial Contrast Price₹ 2,625
CT Scan PNS Price₹ 2,360
CT Scan PNS Coronal Price₹ 1,750
CT Scan PNS Axial And Coronal Price₹ 2,360
CT Scan PNS Axial And Coronal with Contrast Price₹ 3,330
CT Scan PNS Coronal Contrast Price₹ 2,555
CT Scan PNS Sagittal Price₹ 1,500
CT Scan Pulmonary Angiography Price₹ 7,000
CT Scan Renal Angiography Price₹ 6,935
CT Scan Scrotum Price₹ 2,775
CT Scan Shoulder Price₹ 2,950
CT Scan SI Joint Contrast Price₹ 3,220
CT Scan Single Joint Price₹ 2,925
CT Scan Single Joint Contrast Price₹ 2,820
CT Scan Single Limb Price₹ 2,100
CT Scan Sinogram Price₹ 2,250
CT Scan Spine Cervical Price₹ 2,100
CT Scan Spine Cervical Contrast Price₹ 3,200
CT Scan Spine Dorsal Price₹ 2,100
CT Scan Spine Dorsal Contrast Price₹ 3,200
CT Scan Spine Lumbar Price₹ 2,100
CT Scan Spine Lumbar Contrast Price₹ 3,200
CT Scan Spine Per Part Price₹ 2,100
CT Scan Spine Per Part Contrast Price₹ 3,600
CT Scan Temporal Bone Price₹ 2,360
CT Scan Thigh Price₹ 2,100
CT Scan Thyroid Price₹ 2,100
CT Scan TM Joint Price₹ 2,700
CT Scan Upper Abdomen Price₹ 2,950
CT Scan Upper Abdomen Contrast Price₹ 4,015
CT Scan Upper Abdomen Triple Phase Price₹ 6,000
CT Scan Upper Limb Angiography Price₹ 7,380
CT Scan Urography Price₹ 4,800
CT Scan Whole Abdomen Price₹ 3,750
CT Scan Whole Abdomen Contrast Price₹ 5,050
CT Scan Whole Abdomen with Urogram Price₹ 7,200
CT Scan Whole Spine Price₹ 6,300
CT Scan Wrist Price₹ 2,100
CT Scan Wrist Contrast Price₹ 3,220
HRCT Scan Chest Price₹ 2,720
HRCT Scan Temporal Bone Price₹ 2,250

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Lowest CT scan cost in Noida in all the best labs.
CT Scan Cost in Noida.

Terms generally written on a CT Scan presction

CT Scan can be done with or without the use of contrast material. Contrast material is a radioactive dye that enhances the clarity of certain parts of the body undergoing a CT Scan. If there is only CT or CT Scan written then it is without contrast. Other terms used are:

  • NCCT: The full form of NCCT is non contrast CT. This means you no not need a contrast dye to be injected. So your CT Scan will take a lesser time.
  • CECT: The full form of CECT is contrast enhanced CT. So you will need an injection of contrast dye before the CT scan is done.

If you are prescribed a Chest CT or a temporal bone CT, then you may see HRCT written on the prescription. The full form or HRCT is high-resolution CT. Most labs can do this particular scan easily.

If you are looking for CT Coronary Angiography then your best bet is to get it done in Delhi or Gurgaon. CT Coronary Angiography Test needs a very advanced CT Scan machine of over 126 slices. This machine is available in limited labs but we can help you identify the right lab for you. Know more about CT Coronary Angiogram in India here.

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