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MRI Test Price In Delhi And Lab Details

Below is the lowest MRI test cost of different studies in Delhi. Call us on +918061970525 to know the lab details and book appointments with discounts.

MRI Scan StudiesMRI Scan Price
MRI Brain Scan₹2,115
MRI Spine Scan₹2,250
MRI Knee Scan₹2,250
MRI Chest Scan₹2,250
MRI Ankle Scan₹2,250
MRI Elbow Scan₹2,250
MRI Shoulder Scan₹2,070
MRI Whole Abdomen Scan₹2,250
MRI Pelvis Scan₹2,250
MRI Hand Scan₹2,450
MRI Wrist Scan₹2,250
MRI Brain Scan with Contrast₹3,015
MRI Brain Seizure Protocol₹3,200
MRI Brain Venography Scan₹3,300
MRI Brain with Angiography Scan₹4,275
MRI Brain with CSF Flow Study₹3,200
MRI Brain with Diffusion Study₹3,015
MRI Brain With Epilepsy Protocol ₹4,000
MRI Brain With Orbit Scan₹3,645
MRI Brain with Perfusion Scan₹3,200
MRI Brain with Pituitary Scan₹3,200
MRI Brain With Spectroscopy Scan₹2,000
MRI Brain with Venography Scan₹4,275
MRI Breast Scan₹4,500
MRI Cardiac Scan₹9,025
MRI Cistenography Scan₹4,750
MRI Scan CV Junction₹2,450
MRI Scan Enteroclysis₹6,210
MRI Scan Face ₹2,400
MRI Scan Face with Neck₹3,600
MRI Scan Fetal₹4,200
MRI Scan Fistulogram₹2,400
MRI Scan Foot₹2,250
MRI Scan Forearm₹2,400
MRI Scan Hip Joint₹2,250
MRI Scan KUB₹2,400
MRI Scan Leg ₹2,250
MRI Scan Lower Limb ₹2,450
MRI Scan Mammography ₹6,500
MRI Scan Pelvis₹2,250
MRI Scan Perineum₹2,400
MRI Scan Pituitary₹2,250
MRI Scan PNS ₹2,400
MRI Scan S I Joint₹2,250
MRI Scan Scrotum₹3,000
MRI Scan Sella₹3,300
MRI Scan Shoulder Contrast₹2,700
MRI Sinogram Scan₹2,400
MRI Spectroscopy Scan₹2,400
MRI Spine Cervical Scan₹2,250
MRI Spine Dorsal Scan₹2,250
MRI Spine Dorsal Contrast Scan₹4,140
MRI Spine Whole Screening ₹3,105
MRI Thigh Scan₹2,450
MRI Scan Upper Abdomen Scan₹2,400
MRI Scan Urography Scan₹3,600
MRI Scan Venography Scan₹2,400

What is an MRI?

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test is a common procedure used by doctors around the world for the diagnosis of various ailments.

What is the technology used in MRI testing?

An MRI test utilizes magnetic fields and radio waves to create detailed images of any body part. MRI scan is non-invasive and does not cause any pain. MRI tests do not cause any radiation as opposed to X-rays or CT scans.

Magnetic waves used in MRI tests are not stopped by the bones of the body. They interact with the water molecules of the body and create detailed images of tissues and other soft parts like ligaments.

How is the MRI test done?

One has to go inside an MRI machine which looks like a big doughnut with a stretcher coming out of it. The radiologist (technician or doctor who does the MRI test), can control the stretcher to go inside the round-shaped MRI test machine.

There are adults or children who may feel scared as the machine is a closed space. In such cases, an MRI test can be done in an open MRI test machine. But those MRI tests are more expensive. LabsAdvisor team can tell you about the availability of open MRI test machines in Delhi/Gurgaon.

But the MRI scan has its own limitations. A person with a pacemaker or any kind of metallic implant cannot take an MRI scan due to the electromagnetic pulses used to capture the image. To overcome this limitation a technique called maverick MRI is developed. The maverick MRI is capable of producing a more enhanced image of soft tissues and bones near the metal implants. Learn more about the Maverick MRI and its cost.

What are the different kinds of MRI tests?

MRI test with or without contrast:

MRI test with contrast generally gives a more detailed image of the area being studied. One has to take in an oral or through injection a contrasting substance that goes into the body and is able to interact with the magnetic field of the MRI test machine. In many cases, this detail is not required and hence a normal MRI test suffices.

MRI scan price in Delhi with contrast is generally higher by ₹2,500 to ₹6,000 as compared to the same body part MRI scan without contrast.

This image represents the 1.5 Tesla MRI machine in Delhi
1.5 Tesla MRI machine in Delhi

Tesla is a unit of measurement of magnetic strength like degree celsius is a unit of measurement of temperature. MRI machines can either be 1.5 Tesla or 3 Tesla strong. A 3 Tesla MRI test machine can produce better images at a faster pace. However, they are more expensive. Check the prices of 3 Tesla MRI scans.

In most cases, 1.5 Tesla MRI test, which is cheaper, is enough for the diagnostic need.

Open MRI and standing MRI:

MRI machine is a cylindrically shaped tube that is open at one end. The patient has to go into the machine. If you are afraid of closed spaces, getting a closed MRI scan may be difficult for you. There are many newer MRI machines where the size of the bore is quite wide. Still, someone who is claustrophobic may want to go for another MRI option.

In some cases though, it is possible for you to opt for open reclining or open standing MRI machines for your MRI scan. These machines are not very common and not all MRI tests are possible in open MRI machines.

This info-graphic explains about the purpose and limitation of an open standing MRI in Delhi
Open standing MRI in Delhi

Also, for people who are overweight, all MRI machines cannot handle above a certain weight. For obese patients, special MRI machines are needed. You may check with us and we will find the right open MRI option for you.

What are the common studies of an MRI scan?

MRI scans are usually done on any part of the body. The following are some of the common studies of an MRI scan.

MRI scan brain:

MRI scan brain can help the doctors in detecting the tumors, bleeding, and an aneurysm. It also helps in detecting the nerve damage caused by a stroke.

Cardiac MRI:

Cardiac MRI is mostly recommended for evaluating the proper functioning of the heart.

MRI scan abdomen:

MRI scan can be done for the lower abdomen, upper abdomen, or whole abdomen. It can detect problems in the liver, gall bladder, and pancreas.

MRI scan pelvis:

MRI scans for the pelvis are commonly used for diagnosing abnormalities in the uterus, ovaries in females, and prostate in males.

MRI spine:

MRI spine scan can help in finding out the inflammation, or any problems in the spinal cord, and spinal nerves. These scans also help the physicians during surgery and for monitoring the spine.

MRI Spine in Delhi - Example MRI Scan Output
MRI Spine in Delhi – Example MRI Scan Output

How to prepare for an MRI scan?

There is no special preparation required for the MRI scan. But sometimes to produce more enhanced images, a contrast material may be given orally or injected into the vein a few hours before the procedure. In such cases, your doctor may ask you to fast for a minimum of 4 hours prior to the scan.

You will be asked to change into a gown given in the lab. You are restricted to carry objects with metallic contents inside the MRI scanning room.

What are the risks of an MRI scan?

Generally, there are no possible risks or side effects in the MRI scan. MRI scan does not use any kind of X-ray to visualize the internal organs. So it is completely safe because patients are not exposed to any kind of radiation.

But the use of contrast dye may lead to allergic reactions in some patients and it might result in kidney failure if you have any kidney disorders. So it is very important to inform your doctor if you have any known allergic reactions to the contrast dye before the procedure.

MRI Scan - Purpose, Limitations and More
MRI Scan in Delhi – Purpose, Limitations and More

How long does it take to get the MRI scan reports?

Normally, the reports will be prepared by the radiologist and will be available within 24 to 48 hours of the procedure.

Hope we were able to give you detailed information about different kinds of MRI machines, centers, and more in Delhi for you to make an informed decision about where to go for your MRI Scan in Delhi. Please feel free to give us a call if you need any help in making your MRI bookings. 

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